1st Edition

A Resource Book for Students

ISBN 9780415401272
Published December 14, 2007 by Routledge
272 Pages

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Book Description


  • provides a comprehensive introduction to sociolinguistics
  • draws on a range of real texts, from an interview with Madonna to the Japanese Asahi Evening News
  • uses real studies designed and conducted by students
  • provides key readings with commentaries from works by major internationally known authors such as Norman Fairclough, Deborah Cameron, Braj Kachru, Jennifer Coates, Mark Sebba, and Malcolm Coulthard
  • is accompanied by a supporting website.

New to this edition:

  • an entire new section on forensic linguistics
  • additional material on language and gender, conversation analysis and spoken discourse
  • comprehensively updated exercises, readings and references.

The accompanying website to this book can be found at: www.routledge.com/textbooks/9780415401272. 

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction: Key Concepts in Sociolinguistics  1. A Sociolinguistic Toolkit  2. Accent and Dialect  3. Register and Style  4. Ethnicity and Multilingualism  5. Variation and Change  6. Standardisation  7. Gender  8. Pidgins and Creoles  9. New, National and International Englishes  10. Politeness and Accommodation  11. Conversation  12. Applying Sociolinguistics  Part 2: Development: Studies in Language and Society  1. Undertaking a Sociolinguistic Study  2. Attitudes to Accent Variation  3. Euphemism, Register and Code  4. Code-Switching  5. Social Networks  6. Shifts in Prestige  7. Genderlects  8. Patwa and Post-Creolisation  9. Singlish and New Englishes  10. Politeness in Mixed-Sex Conversation  11. Phatics in Spoken Discourse  12. Language and Ideology  Part 3: Exploration: Data for Investigation  1. Collecting and Exploring Data  2. Dialectal Variation  3. Register  4. Ethnology  5. Perceptions of Variation  6. Prestige  7. Gender  8. Creole  9. New English  10. Politeness  11. E-Discourse   12. Critical Discourse Analysis  Part 4: Extension  1. Sociolinguistics and Language Change  2. Foreign Accents in America  3. Style and Ideology  4. Language Contact and Code-Switching  5. The Sociolinguist’s Responsibility  6. The Process of Standardisation  7. Men’s Language  8. The Origins of Pidgins and Creoles  9. World Englishes and Contact Literature  10. The Politics of Talk  11. Closing Turns  12. Linguistic Detection.  Further Reading.  References.  Glossarial Index

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Peter Stockwell is Professor of Literary Linguistics at the University of Nottingham and the author of many books and academic articles in the fields of literature and language, sociolinguistics, critical discourse analysis, language and cognition, surrealism and literary theory. Peter is the editor of the Routledge English Language Introductions series.