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Sociological Futures

About the Series

Sociological Futures aims to be a flagship for new and innovative theories, methods and approaches to sociological issues and debates and ‘the social’ in the 21st century. This series of monographs and edited collections was inspired by vibrant wealth of BSA symposia on a wide variety of sociological themes. Edited by a team of experienced sociological researchers, and supported by the BSA, it covers a wide range of topics related to sociology and sociological research and will feature contemporary work that is theoretically and methodologically innovative, has local or global reach, as well as work that engages or reengages with classic debates in sociology bringing new perspectives to important and relevant topics.

The BSA is the professional association for sociologists and sociological research in the United Kingdom, with its extensive network of members, study groups and forums, and its dynamic programme of events. The Association engages with topics ranging from auto/biography to youth, climate change to violence against women, alcohol to sport, and Bourdieu to Weber. This book series represents the fruits of sociological enquiry, reaching a global audience, and offering a publication outlet for sociologists at all career and publishing stages, from the well-established to emerging sociologists, BSA or non-BSA members, from all parts of the world.

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Populism in Sport, Leisure, and Popular Culture

Populism in Sport, Leisure, and Popular Culture

1st Edition

Edited By Alan Tomlinson, Bryan Clift
March 29, 2021

This book examines and establishes the sociological relevance of the concept of populism and illuminates the ideological use of sport, leisure, and popular culture in socio-political populist strategies and dynamics. The first part of the book — Themes, Concepts, Theories — sets the scene by ...

Social Research and Disability Developing Inclusive Research Spaces for Disabled Researchers

Social Research and Disability: Developing Inclusive Research Spaces for Disabled Researchers

1st Edition

Edited By Ciaran Burke, Bronagh Byrne
December 30, 2020

Social Research and Disability argues that the contemporary rules of sociological methods outlined in numerous research methods texts make a number of assumptions concerning the researcher including ambulance, sight, hearing and speech. In short, the disabled researcher is not considered when ...

What is Food? Researching a Topic with Many Meanings

What is Food?: Researching a Topic with Many Meanings

1st Edition

Edited By Ulla Gustafsson, Rebecca O'Connell, Alizon Draper, Andrea Tonner
November 27, 2019

This volume brings together contributions that provide a snapshot of current food research. What is Food? acknowledges the many dimensions of food, including its social, cultural, symbolic and sensual qualities, while also being material in that it is fundamental to our survival. The collection ...

Youth, Place and Theories of Belonging

Youth, Place and Theories of Belonging

1st Edition

Edited By Sadia Habib, Michael RM Ward
August 21, 2019

Drawing on interdisciplinary perspectives, Youth, Place and Theories of Belonging showcases cutting-edge empirical research on young people’s lifeworlds. The scholars demonstrate that belonging is personal, infused with individual and collective histories as well as interwoven with conceptions of ...

Social Beings, Future Belongings Reimagining the Social

Social Beings, Future Belongings: Reimagining the Social

1st Edition

Edited By Anna Tsalapatanis, Miranda Bruce, David Bissell, Helen Keane
May 15, 2019

Social Beings, Future Belongings is a collection of sociological essays that address an increasingly relevant matter: what does belonging look like in the twenty-first century? The book critically explores the concept of belonging and how it can respond to contemporary problems in not only the...

Climate Change and Intergenerational Justice

Climate Change and Intergenerational Justice

1st Edition

By Tracey Skillington
March 11, 2019

Synonymous with catastrophe and destructive tendencies, the Anthropocene provokes reflection on the limits of existing applications of ideas of responsibility, ecological agency and democratic justice. Youth campaigners, in particular, make emerging insights on the Anthropocene of central ...

Feeding Children Inside and Outside the Home Critical Perspectives

Feeding Children Inside and Outside the Home: Critical Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Vicki Harman, Benedetta Cappellini, Charlotte Faircloth
October 30, 2018

This cross-disciplinary volume brings together diverse perspectives on children’s food occasions inside and outside of the home across different geographical locations. By unpacking mundane food occasions - from school dinners to domestic meals and from breakfast to snacks - Feeding Children Inside...

An End to the Crisis of Empirical Sociology? Trends and Challenges in Social Research

An End to the Crisis of Empirical Sociology?: Trends and Challenges in Social Research

1st Edition

Edited By Linda McKie, Louise Ryan
April 25, 2018

Research data are everywhere. In our everyday interactions, through social media, credit cards and even public transport, we generate and use data. The challenge for sociologists is how to collect, analyse and make best use of these vast arrays of information. The chapters in this book address ...

Bourdieu: The Next Generation The Development of Bourdieu's Intellectual Heritage in Contemporary UK Sociology

Bourdieu: The Next Generation: The Development of Bourdieu's Intellectual Heritage in Contemporary UK Sociology

1st Edition

Edited By Jenny Thatcher, Nicola Ingram, Ciaran Burke, Jessie Abrahams
April 25, 2018

This book will give unique insight into how a new generation of Bourdieusian researchers apply Bourdieu to contemporary issues. It will provide a discussion of the working mechanisms of thinking through and/or with Bourdieu when analysing data. In each chapter, individual authors discuss and ...

Drinking Dilemmas Space, culture and identity

Drinking Dilemmas: Space, culture and identity

1st Edition

Edited By Thomas Thurnell-Read
April 25, 2018

Drinking and drunkenness have become a focal point for political and media debates to contest notions of responsibility, discipline and risk; yet, at the same time, academic studies have highlighted the positive aspects of drinking in relation to sociability, belonging and identity. These issues ...

Social Mobility for the 21st Century Everyone a Winner?

Social Mobility for the 21st Century: Everyone a Winner?

1st Edition

Edited By Steph Lawler, Geoff Payne
January 18, 2018

Social Mobility for the 21st Century addresses experiences of social mobility, and the detailed processes through which entrenched, intergenerationally transmitted privilege is reproduced. Contributions include (but are not limited to) family relationships, students’ encounters with higher ...

Higher Education and Social Inequalities University Admissions, Experiences, and Outcomes

Higher Education and Social Inequalities: University Admissions, Experiences, and Outcomes

1st Edition

Edited By Richard Waller, Nicola Ingram, Michael R.M. Ward
July 31, 2017

A university education has long been seen as the gateway to upward social mobility for individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds, and as a way of reproducing social advantage for the better off. With the number of young people from the very highest socio-economic groups entering university ...

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