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The Orifice as Sacrificial Site Culture, Organization and the Body

The Orifice as Sacrificial Site: Culture, Organization and the Body

1st Edition

By James Aho
September 30, 2002

The Orifice as Sacrificial Site bases its argument on expert histories and primary documents of selected religions. Although based on textual analysis and documentary evidence this is essentially a social study. The goal of Aho's study is to discover explanatory principles of orifice management, ...

Beyond Sociology's Tower of Babel Reconstructing the Scientific Method

Beyond Sociology's Tower of Babel: Reconstructing the Scientific Method

1st Edition

By Bernard Phillips
January 31, 2002

To look outside the discipline of sociology is to find little credibility given to the field as science. Bernard Phillips argues that we are learning to see ever more clearly the contradiction between scientific standards and what in fact has been achieved by sociology. Instead of knowledge based ...

The Faultline of Consciousness A View of Interactionism in Sociology

The Faultline of Consciousness: A View of Interactionism in Sociology

1st Edition

Edited By David Maines
July 31, 2001

In this compendium of related and cross-referential essays, David R. Maines draws from pragmatist/symbolic interactionist assumptions to formulate a consistent new view of the entire field of sociology. Suitable for courses in social theory, qualitative methods, social psychology, and narrative ...

Moral Order and Social Disorder American Search for Civil Society

Moral Order and Social Disorder: American Search for Civil Society

1st Edition

By Frank Hearn
December 31, 1997

Drawing upon both classical insights and more recent writings, Hearn provides a compelling account of social breakdown in the United States. The book examines the conditions most responsible for the deterioration of social institutions, notably the family, and of communitarian interdependencies, ...

Social Movements and Cultural Change The First Abolition Campaign Revisited

Social Movements and Cultural Change: The First Abolition Campaign Revisited

1st Edition

Edited By Leo D'Anjou
December 31, 1996

As a result of the efforts of the Abolition Committee in Great Britain in the half-decade between 1787 and 1792, slavery and the slave trade-previously accepted as necessary evils-were perceived as gross injustices and evils to be eradicated. This volume examines that first abolition movement in ...

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