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Protestantism and Capitalism The Mechanisms of Influence

Protestantism and Capitalism: The Mechanisms of Influence

1st Edition

By Jere Cohen
May 31, 2002

Arguably, the most important single work in classical sociology is Max Weber's thesis on how Protestantism makes its impact on capitalism. Cohen's argument is that Protestantism affects capitalism in several different ways. Each is linked as a separate mechanism of influence, and may therefore be ...

Women's Employment in a Comparative Perspective

Women's Employment in a Comparative Perspective

1st Edition

Edited By Tanja Van der Lippe
January 31, 2002

These comparative studies by internationally-known scholars in the United States, Hungary, Germany, and the Netherlands provide a cross-national examination of substantially differing circumstances--in hours, earnings, job level, childcare availability, parental leave, and the like--of women's ...

Equal Employment Opportunity Labor Market Discrimination and Public Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity: Labor Market Discrimination and Public Policy

1st Edition

Edited By Paul Burstein
December 31, 1994

Although equal employment opportunity laws are often at the center of political debate, it has been difficult for students, teachers, and concerned citizens to learn about the controversy over EEO. Contributions to our understanding are scattered, this collection of writings is a broad ...

Parents' Jobs and Children's Lives

Parents' Jobs and Children's Lives

1st Edition

By Toby Parcel
December 31, 1994

Parents' Jobs and Children's Lives considers the effects of parental working conditions on children's cognition and social development. It also investigates how parental work affects the home environments that parents create for their children, and how these home environments influence the children...

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