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1st Edition

Socrates - Arguments of the Philosophers

By Santas Copyright 1979
    ISBN 9780415487603
    358 Pages
    Published October 10, 2008 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415203548
    358 Pages
    Published July 26, 1999 by Routledge

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    First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

    Part One THE PHILOSOPHER AND THE CITIZEN I Introduction to Plato’s Socrates II Socrates and the Laws of Athens 1 Socrates’ arguments in the Crito that he ought not to escape from jail 2 Socrates’ views in the Apology about the citizen, his city, and its laws 3 Is there any inconsistency between the Apology and the Crito? Part Two SOCRATIC METHOD III Socratic Questions and Assumptions 1 A sample of Socrates’ questions 2 Questions about Socratic questions 3 The pragmatics of Socrates’ questionings 4 The syntactics of Socrates’ questions 5 The semantics of Socrates’ questions IV Socratic Definitions 1 A list of all the definitions in the Socratic Dialogues 2 The syntax and forms of Socratic definitions 3 The semantics of Socratic definitions 4 The pragmatics of Socratic definitions 5 Criteria for adequate Socratic definitions V Socratic Arguments 1 Variety of arguments 2 Method of analyzing arguments 3 Inductive analogies: from the arts-crafts-sciences to ethics 4 Inductive generalizations: from the arts-crafts-sciences to ethics 5 Deductive arguments: two indirect arguments from the Lysis 6 Deductive arguments: a direct argument from the Lysis 7 Deductive arguments: a direct argument from the Protagoras Part Three SOCRATIC ETHICS VI Virtue and Knowledge I: The Socratic Paradoxes 1 The distinction between the prudential and the moral paradox 2 The prudential paradox 3 The moral paradox VII Virtue and Knowledge II: An Argument against Explanations of Weakness 1 The context and the strategy 2 The argument 3 Application of the argument to other cases 4 The strength model 5 Weakness and compulsion VIII Power, Virtue, Pleasure, and Happiness in the Gorgias 1 The issues of vittue and happiness 2 Socrates’ arguments that the unjust man is unhappy 3 Goods and evils and happiness and unhappiness: Socrates and Polus 4 Callicles’ view of virtue, pleasure, and happiness 5 Socrates’ attack on Callicles’ view: the arguments against justice by nature, and against hedonism 6 Virtue as health of the soul and justice as medicine


    Gerasimos Xenophon Santas

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