1st Edition

Software Quality Assurance A Guide for Developers and Auditors

By Howard T. Garst Smith Copyright 1997

    Of all the audit functions faced by QA, software auditing is probably the most difficult because of the need to know and understand the intricacies of the processes being audited. In addition, auditors must be familiar with and understand the implications of the international and national standards and know how to proceed when deficiencies are revealed. Howard Garston Smith is Software Quality Assurance Auditor for Pfizer, UK, and brings twenty years of expertise in software development and auditing to this incredibly detailed manual. He provides the "what to" and the "how to" of software QA auditing in a clear and practical style that guarantees effective software quality audits.

    The Software Development Process
    Audit Approaches
    Company Organization & Project Management
    Products & Their Support
    Quality Assurance & Configuration Management
    Human Resources
    Software: Requirements & Design
    Programming Standards
    Software Testing
    Change Control & Archival Policies
    Managing the Developmental Environment
    The Virus Menace
    Assessment & Reporting
    Future Trends


    Howard T. Garst Smith