1st Edition

Soil Biochemistry Volume 7

By Jean-Marc Bollag, G. Stotzky Copyright 1991

    This book describes the interactions between soil minerals and microorganisms to more specialized areas such as the formation of desert varnishes. It is helpful for scientists and students who want to extend their knowledge of and research into soil biochemistry.

    1. Biochemistry of Sulfur Cycling in Soil 2. Problems Related to the Humification Processes in Soils of Temperate Climates 3. Nematophagous Fungi and Their Activities in Soil 4. Application of Molecular Techniques to Soil Biochemistry 5. Desert Varnish: A Biological Perspective 6. Extraction of Enzymes from Soils 7. Biochemical Analysis of Biomass, Community Structure,Nutritional Status, and Metabolic Activity ofMicrobial Communities in Soil 8. Factors Affecting the Movement of Microorganisms in Soils 9. Interactions Between Soil Minerals and Microorganisms


    G. STOTZKY  Department of Biology New York University New York; JEAN-MARC BOLLAG  Department of Agronomy The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania