1st Edition

Soil Classification A Global Desk Reference

    278 Pages
    by CRC Press

    278 Pages 44 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Developments in soil classification have accompanied parallel progress in our understanding of the soil system. However the theories behind the classifications and the purposes for which they were created have changed over time. The editors hope that this comprehensive synthesis will help to rally soil scientists around the world to develop an acceptable classification system for soils. It is only when the global soil science community agrees to such a system that we can truly say that we have science.

    Soil Classification: A Global Desk Reference is the first book to illustrate the current state of national and international soil classification systems. In this groundbreaking reference, distinguished soil scientists, many of whom were involved in the design of their respective national or international systems, evaluate developments in soil classification during the last century. They review the concepts, practices, and goals that led to the creation of individual classification systems and recommend modifications to classification systems to meet new demands. The documentation in this book serves as a foundation for the revision of existing soil taxonomies and the creation of new ones.

    CONCEPTS AND INNOVATIONS IN SOIL CLASSIFICATION. Philosophies of Soil Classification: From Is to Does. How Good is Our Classification? Soil Classifications: Past and Present. Conceptual Basis for Soil Classification: Lessons from the Past. Soil Classification and Soil Research. Back to the Old Paradigms of Soil Classification. Incorporating Anthropogenic Processes in Soil Classification. Developments in Soil Chemistry and Soil Classification. DEVELOPMENTS IN CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMS. Demands on Soil Classification in Australia. Development of Soil Classification in China. The Brazilian Soil Classification System. The Future of the FAO Legend and the FAO/UNESCO Soil Map of the World. The Current French Approach to a Soilscapes Typology. New Zealand Soil Classification - Purposes and Principles. Changing Concepts of Soil and Soil Classification in Russia. Advances in South African Soil Classification System. Soil Taxonomy and Soil Survey. Classification of Soils of the Tropics: A Reassessment of Soil Taxonomy. Anticipated Developments of the World Reference Base for Soil Resources.


    Eswaran, Hari; Ahrens, Robert; Rice, Thomas J.; Stewart, B.A.