Soil Erosion Research Methods  book cover
2nd Edition

Soil Erosion Research Methods

ISBN 9781884015090
Published May 1, 1994 by CRC Press
352 Pages

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Book Description

This new edition of Soil Erosion Research Methods retains the themes and layout of the first edition. However, most chapters have been revised and some additional chapters have been added. There are new chapters on modeling wind and water erosion. Extensive revisions and updating have been done in chapters dealing with assessment of erosivity and erodibility, erosion, crop productivity, measuring sediment yield from river basins and field plot techniques. There is extensive updating of current statistics on the global magnitude of soil erosion by water and wind and on denudation rates. Several new authors have made significant improvements in revising and updating available information.

Table of Contents

1. Soil Erosion by Wind and Water: Problems and Prospects, R. Lal
The Need for Improved Data
Data Extrapolation
Standardization of Methodology and Data Reliability
Record Duration and Data Continuity
Toward Standardization of Research Methods
2. Laboratory and Field Plots for Erosion Research, C. K. Mutchler, C. E. Murphree, and K. C. McGregor
The Project Outline
The Soil Erosion Process
Small Plots
3. Measuring Sediment Yield from River Basins, D. E. Walling
Reliability of Existing Sediment Yield Data
Designing Sediment Yield Monitoring Programs
Additional Sources of Information on Sediment Yields
4. Rainfall Simulators for Soil Erosion Research, L. D. Meyer
Characteristics of Rainfall Simulators
Types of Rainfall Simulators
Personnel Requirements and Related Equipment
Rainfall Simulators: Asset or Burden?
5. The Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, K. G. Renard, J. M. Laflen, and D. K. McCool
L- and S-factor
Comparison of RUSLE and USLE
6. Modeling Soil Erosion, M. A. Nearing, L. J. Lane, and V. L. Lopes
Mechanics of Erosion by Water
Development of a Physically-Based Erosion Model
Model Analysis
Modeling on Watershed Scales
Integrated Systems for Water Erosion Prediction
7. Research Progress on Soil Erosion Processes and a Basis for Soil Conservation Practices, C. W. Rose
Types and Objectives of Soil Erosion Models
Basic Approach to Sediment Erosion and Transport
Erosion/Deposition Process Model
A Simplified Erosion Process Model
The Effect of Plot Length on Soil Loss per Unit Area
Effect of Surface Contact Cover and Slope on Soil Loss
8. Erodibility and Erosivity, R. Lal and W. Elliot
Soil Erosion Process
Soil Erodibility
9. Assessing Vegetative Cover and Management Effects, M. A. Stocking
How Vegetative Cover and Management Work
Key Areas in Crop Cover and Management Research
10. Monitoring the Impact of Soil Erosion on Crop Productivity, F. J. Pierce and R. Lal
The Need for Erosion-Productivity Research
Approaches to the Problem
Toward a Minimum Data Set
The Erosion-Productivity MDS
Model Building and Validation
Summary and Conclusions
11. Wind Erosion, E. L. Skidmore
Soil Erodibility by Wind
Wind Erosivity
Ridge Roughness
Field Length
Vegetative Factor
A Wind Erosion Model
Management Effects
12. Methods for Investigating Basic Processes and Conditions Affecting Wind Erosion, E. L. Skidmore, L. J. Hagen, D. V. Armbrust, A. A. Durar, D. W. Fryrear, K. N. Potter, L. E. Wagner, T. M. Zobeck
Wind Databases and Simulation
Particle Detachment and Transport
Aggregate Stability
Dry Aggregate Size Distribution
Surface Roughness: Shelter Angle Distribution
Surface Roughness: Digitization of Pin Meter Photos
Surface Crusting
Loose Surface Particles
Soil Wetness
Canopy Structure
Field Scale Wind Erosion Measurement

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"The second edition of Soil Erosion Research Methods is a result of the enthusiastic reception of the first edition by soil erosion researchers around the world. This new version is a response to the continued and growing need to promote the use of appropriate methodology to evaluate soil erosion."
Ildefonso Pla Sentis, Chairman of Subcommission C of the ISSS