1st Edition

Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction

Edited By Rolando P. Orense, Nawawi Chouw, Michael J. Pender Copyright 2010
    260 Pages
    by CRC Press

    258 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction contains selected papers presented at the International Workshop on Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction held in Auckland, New Zealand from 26-27 November 2009. The workshop was the venue for an international exchange of ideas, disseminating information about experiments, numerical models and practical engineering problems relating to soil-foundation-structure interaction.

    A topic of long standing interest to both structural and geotechnical engineers is what is traditionally known as soil-structure interaction (SSI). For a long period, this has involved linear elastic interaction between the foundation and the underlying soil and the appropriate analysis is well developed for both static and dynamic interaction. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in considering nonlinear soil-foundation interaction in the design of shallow foundations, both for static and earthquake loading. To distinguish these approaches from the classical linear elastic soil-structure interaction, the term soil-foundation-structure-interaction (SFSI) has been coined recently. The development of various approaches is occurring rapidly in many research groups all over the world, with the inclusion of nonlinear structure and nonlinear soil interaction using FEM-based numerical methods, as well as the use of shallow foundation macro-elements as an alternative to using finite elements.

    The workshop brought together representatives from several of these groups to review the current state of development, discuss the potential for application in foundation design, and consider how work in this area might develop in the next few years. The emphasis in the workshop was on application of these ideas to the foundation design process.

    The book will be much of interest to post-graduates in Foundation Engineering, Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, and Advanced Structural Dynamics.

    Understanding SFSI through experiments and case studies

    Assessment of varying dynamic characteristics of a SFSI system based on earthquake observation
    M. Iguchi, M. Kawashima &T. Kashima

    Site amplification of ground motion during the 1995 Kobe earthquake and unsolved issue on SFSI problem
    M. Nagano

    Settlement of footings in sand using dynamic soil properties
    K. Park, K.H. Stokoe II, R.E. Olson &W. Seo

    Plugging mechanism of open-ended piles
    Y. Kikuchi, T. Mizutani, Y. Morikawa &T. Sato

    Pile head lateral forced vibration tests
    N.M. Sa’don, M.J. Pender, R.P. Orense &A.R. Abdul Karim

    Kinematic response of batter pile foundation: Centrifuge tests
    T. Tazoh, M. Sato, J. Jang, Y. Taji, G. Gazetas & I. Anastasopoulos

    Performance of bridge systems with nonlinear soil-footing-structure interactions
    L. Deng, B.L. Kutter, S. Kunnath &T.B. Algie

    Large scale field tests of rocking foundations on an Auckland residual soil
    T.B. Algie, M.J. Pender & R.P. Orense

    Numerical analysis and modeling of SFSI

    Aspects of soil structure interaction
    W.D.L. Finn

    A robust probabilistic evaluation of soil-foundation-structure interaction effects on structural response
    M. Moghaddasi, M. Cubrinovski, S. Pampanin, A. Carr & J.G. Chase

    Soil-structure interaction in deep foundations
    M.A. Ashour, G.M. Norris & J.P. Singh

    Soil-pile interaction in liquefying soils: Modelling issues
    M. Cubrinovski, J.J.M. Haskell & B.A. Bradley

    Soil-pile interaction under lateral load
    S. Iai, T. Tobita, M.N. Hussien, K.M. Rollins & O. Ozutsumi

    Investigation of seismic design of drilled shafts in cohesive soils
    A. Shelman & S. Sritharan

    Effect of shallow foundation modeling on seismic response of moment frame structures
    L.M.Wotherspoon & M.J. Pender

    High fidelity modeling and simulation of SFS interaction: Energy dissipation by design
    B. Jeremi´c

    Seismic response of bridge structures under non-uniform ground excitations
    N. Chouw & H. Hao

    Seismic response of gravity walls using Newmark-type modelling with double-support excitation
    M. Corigliano, C.G. Lai & R. Pasquali

    Backbone curves for passive lateral response of walls with homogenous backfills
    P. Khalili-Tehrani, E. Taciroglu &A. Shamsabadi

    Earthquake response of liquid storage tanks on layered sites
    T. Larkin

    Settlement analysis of wind turbines
    G. Buscarnera, R. Nova, M. Vecchiotti, C. Tamagnini & D. Salciarini

    Towards improved SFSI design procedures

    Design approaches and criteria for earthquake-resistant shallow foundation systems
    J.C.W. Toh & M.J. Pender

    Soil-pile interaction under kinematic lateral spread loading
    I. Lam, P. Arduino & P. Mackenzie-Helnwein

    Significance of interaction and non-linearity in piled raft foundation design
    H.G. Poulos

    Soil-foundation-structure interaction considerations for performance-based design of RC wall structures on shallow foundations
    T.J. Sullivan, S. Salawdeh, A. Pecker, M. Corigliano & G.M. Calvi

    Procedures for seismic design of below ground structures
    J.W. Pappin & R. Koo

    Beyond conventional capacity design: Towards a new design philosophy
    I. Anastasopoulos

    Probabilistic seismic performance and loss assessment of a bridge-foundation-soil system
    B.A. Bradley, M. Cubrinovski, R.P. Dhakal & G.A. MacRae


    Nawawi Chouw, Rolando P. Orense, Michael J. Pender