1st Edition

Soil Fragile Interface

By P Stengel, Sandrine Gelin Copyright 2003

    The book, written from the perspective of pedologists and agronomists, is a study of the Earth's crust which is subjected to climatic agents and inhabited by living creatures. These phenomena in concert, slowly transform soil through the interaction of physical, climatic and biological processes.

    Part I: Soil: A Site of Exchange and Transfer
    Constituents and Organisation of Soil: C. Chenu and A. Bruand
    Reactivity of Soil: Chemical Properties: Martine Terc
    Transport in Soil: Laurent Bruckler
    Soil and Exchanges with the Plant Cover: J.C. Fardeau and P. Stengel
    Part II: Biotransformation of Soil
    Biotransformation of Carbon and Nitrogen: J. Balesdent
    Microorganisms in the Transformation of Minerals
    Effect on Formation, Functioning and Development of Soils: J. Berthelin
    The Rhizosphere: P. Lemanceau and T. Heulin
    Part III: Consequences of Exploitation of Soils by Man
    Salinisation of Soils: C. Cheverry and G. Bourri
    Erosion of Cultivated Soils by Water in Temperate Conditions: Y. Le Bissonnais and C. Gascuel-Odoux
    Sources of Soil Pollution: S. Martin; Contamination of Soils by Heavy Metals and Other Trace Elements: P. Cambier and M. Mench
    Use of Pesticides and Fertilisers in Agriculture: C. Clermont-Dauphin and J.M.Meynard
    Purifying Functions of Soil and their Limits: J.C. Germon
    Annexure: Soil Quality Observatory: A Management Tool for Agriculture, an Instrument for Monitoring Ecological Systems: S. Martin


    P Stengel