1st Edition

Soil Management Experimental Basis for Sustainability and Environmental Quality

By B.A. Stewart Copyright 1995
    576 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The experiments and experiences discussed in Soil Management carefully document crop production systems with well-defined boundaries. These long-term agronomic trials provide a valuable data resource that has, until now, been largely ignored by both the research community and the sustainability experts. With a rigorous definition of sustainability and this data, the sustainability of various cropping systems will be more clearly illustrated than any previous effort. Particular emphasis is given to research involving the tropics and sub-tropics.
    This book is unique in providing an experimental basis for sustainable management of soil resources. It describes technological options for sustainable management of soil resources and identifies priorities for additional long-term experimentation needed in key ecoregions. Topics discussed include changes in soil processes and properties, environmental quality, soil management, soil dynamics, soil organic matter, and nutrient cycling.
    Soil Management is for those who ask whether agriculture is sustainable, want to analyze or review sustainability experiments and experiences, or wish to initiate new long-term trials. It is a valuable reference on soil processes and an excellent text for courses in soil management.

    Managing Soils for Enhancing and Sustaining Agricultural Production, R. Lal and B.A. Stewart
    Humid Tropics
    Synthesis of Long-Term Soil Management Research on Ultisols and Oxisols in the Amazon, T.J. Smyth and D.K. Cassel
    The Role of Forage Grasses and Legumes in Maintaining the Productivity of Acid Soils in Latin America, R.J. Thomas, M.J. Fisher, M.A. Ayarza, and J.I. Sanz
    Soil Alterations in Perennial Pasture and Agroforestry Systems in the Brazilian Amazon, E.A. Serrão, L.B. Teixeira, R.F. de Oliveria, and J.B. Bastos
    Extrapolating Results of Long-Term Experiments, G. Uehara, G.Y. Tsuji, and F.H. Beinroth
    Technological Options for Sustainable Management of Alfisols and Ultisols in Nigeria, R. Lal
    Long-Term Fertilizer and Crop Residue Effects on Soil and Crop Yields in the Savanna Region of Côte d'Ivoire, S. Traoré and P.J. Harris
    Yield Decline and the Nitrogen Economy of Long-Term Experiments on Continuous, Irrigated Rice Systems in the Tropics, K.G. Cassman, S.K. De Datta, D.C. Olk, J. Alcantara, M. Samson, J. Descalsota, and M. Dizon
    Sub-Humid and Semiarid Tropics
    Long-Term Soil Management Experiments in Semiarid Francophone Africa, C. Pieri
    Long-Term Experiments on Alfisols and Vertisols in the Semiarid Tropics, K.B. Laryea, M.M. Anders, and P. Pathak
    Improved Crop-Livestock Production Strategies for Sustainable Soil Management in Tropical Africa, I. Haque, J.M. Powell, and S.K. Ehui
    Long-Term Soil Fertility Management Experiments in Eastern Africa, B.R. Singh and H.C. Goma
    Temperate and Mediterranean Climate
    The Effects of Long Continuous Applications of Inorganic Nitrogen Fertilizer on Soil Organic Matter-A Review, M.J. Glendining and D.S. Powlson
    Long-Term Trials on Soil and Crop Management at ICARDA, H.C. Harris
    Synthesis and Future Priorities
    An Integrated Approach to Soil Management Experiments, E. Pushparajah and H. Eswaran
    Need for Long-Term Soil Management Research in Africa, C.S. Ofori
    The Tropical Soil Productivity Calculator-A Model for Assessing Effects of Soil Management on Productivity, J.B. Aune and R. Lal
    Trends in World Agricultural Land Use: Potential and Constraints, R. Lal
    Need for Long-Term Experiments in Sustainable Use of Soil Resources, R. Lal and B.A. Stewart


    B.A. Stewart