2nd Edition

Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis

Edited By M.R. Carter, E.G. Gregorich Copyright 2007
    1262 Pages 144 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Thoroughly updated and revised, this second edition of the bestselling Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis presents several new chapters in the areas of biological and physical analysis and soil sampling. Reflecting the burgeoning interest in soil ecology, new contributions describe the growing number and assortment of new microbiological techniques, describe in-depth methods, and demonstrate new tools that characterize the dynamics and chemistry of soil organic matter and soil testing for plant nutrients. A completely new section devoted to soil water reviews up-to-date field- and laboratory-based methods for saturated and unsaturated soil hydraulic properties.

    Retaining the easy-to-follow, “cookbook” style of the original, this second edition provides a compilation of soil analytical techniques that are fast, straightforward, and relatively easy-to-use. Heavily referenced, peer-reviewed contributions from approximately 150 specialists make this a practical manual and resource handbook that describes a wide array of methods, both conventional and cutting-edge, for analyzing the chemical, biological, biochemical, and physical properties of many different soil types. Including several “primer” chapters that cover the overall principles and concepts behind the latest techniques, the book presents sufficient detail on the materials and procedures to characterize the potential and limitation of each method. It covers recent improvements in methodology, outlines current methods, and characterizes the best methods available for selecting the appropriate analysis technique.

    Promoting the research and practical application of findings in soil science, Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis, Second Edition continues to be the most current, detailed, comprehensive tool for researchers and practitioners working with soil.

    SOIL SAMPLING AND HANDLING, G.T. Patterson and M.R. Carter
    Soil Sampling Designs, D. Pennock, T. Yates, and J. Braidek
    Sampling Forest Soils, N. Bélanger and K.C.J. Van Rees
    Measuring Change in Soil Organic Carbon Storage, B.H. Ellert, H.H. Janzen, A.J. VandenBygaart, and E. Bremer
    Soil Sample Handling and Storage, S.C. Sheppard and J.A. Addison
    Quality Control in Soil Chemical Analysis, C. Swyngedouw and R. Lessard
    Nitrate and Exchangeable Ammonium Nitrogen, D.G. Maynard, Y.P. Kalra, and J.A. Crumbaugh
    Mehlich 3 Extractable Elements, N. Ziadi and T. Sen Tran
    Sodium Bicarbonate Extractable Phosphorus, J.J. Schoenau and I. P. O’Halloran
     Boron, Molybdenum and Selenium, G. M. Hettiarachchi and U. C. Gupta
    Trace Element Assessment, W.H. Hendershot, H. Lalande, D. Reyes, and D. MacDonald
    Readily Soluble Aluminum and Manganese in Acid Soils, Y.K. Soon, N. Bélanger, and W.H. Hendershot
    Lime Requirement, N. Ziadi and T. Sen Tran
    Ion Supply Rates Using Ion Exchange Resins, P. Qian, J.J. Schoenau, and N. Ziadi
    Environmental Soil Phosphorus Indices, A.N. Sharpley, P.J.A. Kleinman and J.L. Weld
    Electrical Conductivity and Soluble Ions, J.J. Miller and D. Curtin
    SOIL CHEMICAL ANALYSES, Y.K. Soon and W.H. Hendershot       
    Soil Reaction and Exchangeable Acidity, W.H. Hendershot, H. Laland,e and M. Duquette
    Collection and Characterization of Soil Solutions, J.D. MacDonald, N. Bélanger, S. Sauvé, F. Courchesne, and W.H. Hendershot
    Ion Exchange and Exchangeable Cations, W.H. Hendershot, H. Lalande, and M. Duquette
    Non-Exchangeable Ammonium, Y.K. Soon and B.C. Liang
    Carbonates, T.B. Goh and A.R. Mermut
    Total and Organic Carbon, J.O. Skjemstad and J.A. Baldock
    Total Nitrogen, P.M. Rutherford, W.B. McGill, C.T. Figueiredo,  and J.M. Arocena
    Chemical Characterization of Soil Sulphur, C.G. Kowalenko and M. Grimmett
    Total and Organic Phosphorus, I.P. O'Halloran and B.J. Cade-Menum
    Characterization of Available P by Sequential Extraction, H. Tiessen and J.O. Moir
    Extractable Al, Fe, Mn, and Si, F. Courchesne  and M.C. Turmel
    Determining Nutrient Availability in Forest Soils, N. Bélanger, David Paré, and W.H. Hendershot
    Chemical Properties of Organic Soils, A. Karam
    Cultural Methods for Soil and Root Associated Microorganisms, J.J. Germida and J.R. de Freitas
    Arbuscular Mycorrhiza, Y. Dalpé and C. Hamel
    Root Nodule Bacteria and Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation, D. Prévost and H. Antoun
    Microarthropods, J.P Winter and V.M. Behan-Pelletier
    Nematodes, T.A. Forge and J. Kimpinski
    Earthworms, M.J. Clapperton, G.H. Baker and C.A. Fox
    Enchytraeids, S.M. Adl
    Protozoa, S.M. Adl, D. Acosta-Mercado, and D.H. Lynn
    Denitrification Techniques for Soils, C.F. Drury, D.D. Myrold, E.G. Beauchamp, and W.D.Reynolds
    Nitrification Techniques in Soil Systems, C.F. Drury, S.C. Hart, and X.M. Yang
    Substrate-Induced Respiration and Selective Inhibition as Measures of Microbial Biomass in Soils, V.L. Bailey, J.L. Smith, and H. Bolton Jr.
    Assessment of Soil Biological Activity, R.P.Beyaert and C.A. Fox
    Soil ATP, R.P. Voroney, G. Wen, and R.P. Beyaert
    Lipid-Based Community Analysis, K.E. Dunfield
    Bacterial Community Analyses by Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE), E. Topp, Y.-C. Tien, and A. Hartmann
    Indicators of Soil Food Web Properties, T.A. Forge and M. Tenuta
    SOIL ORGANIC MATTER ANALYSES, E.G. Gregorich and M.H. Beare
    Carbon Mineralization, D.W. Hopkins
    Mineralizable Nitrogen, Denis Curtin and C.A. Campbell
    Physically Uncomplexed Organic Matter, E.G. Gregorich and M.H. Beare 
    Extraction and Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter, M.H. Chantigny, D.A. Angers, K. Kaiser, and K. Kalbitz
    Soil Microbial Biomass C, N, P and S, R.P. Voroney, P.C. Brookes, and R.P. Beyaert 
    Carbohydrates, M.H. Chantigny and D.A. Angers
    Organic Forms of Nitrogen, D.C. Olk
    Soil Humus Fractions, D.W. Anderson and J.J Schoenau
    Soil Organic Matter Analysis by Solid-State 13C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, M. J. Simpson and C. M. Preston 
    Stable Isotopes in Soil and Environmental Research, B.H. Ellert and L. Rock
    SOIL PHYSICAL ANALYSES, D.A. Angers and F.J. Larney
    Particle Size Distribution, D. Kroetsch and C. Wang
    Soil Shrinkage, C.D. Grant
    Soil Density and Porosity, X. Hao, B.C. Ball, J.L.B. Culley, M.R. Carter, and G.W. Parkin
    Soil Consistency: Upper and Lower Plastic Limits, R.A. McBride
    Compaction and Compressibility, P. Défossez, T. Keller and G. Richard
    Field Soil Strength, G.C. Topp and D.R. Lapen
    Air Permeability, C.D. Grant and P.H. Groenevelt
    Aggregate Stability to Water, D.A. Angers, M.S. Bullock, and G.R. Mehuys
    Dry Aggregate Size Distribution, F.J. Larney
    Soil Air, R.E. Farrell and J.A. Elliott
    Soil-Surface Gas Emissions, P. Rochette and N. Bertrand
    Bulk Density Measurement in Forest Soils, D.G. Maynard and M.P. Curran
    Physical Properties of Organic Soils and Growing Media: Particle Size and Degree of Decomposition, L.E. Parent and J. Caron
    Physical Properties of Organic Soils and Growing Media: Water and Air Storage and Flow Dynamics, J. Caron, D.E. Elrick, J.C. Michel, and R. Naasz
    SOIL WATER ANALYSES, W.D. Reynolds and G.C. Topp
    Soil Water Analyses: Principles and Parameters, W.D. Reynolds and G.C. Topp
    Soil Water Content, G.C. Topp, G.W. Parkin, and Ty P.A Ferré
    Soil Water Potential, N.J. Livingston and G.C. Topp
    Soil Water Desorption and Imbibition: Tension and Pressure Techniques, W.D. Reynolds and G.C. Topp
    Soil Water Desorption and Imbibition: Long Column, W.D. Reynolds and G.C. Topp
    Soil Water Desorption and Imbibition: Psychrometry, W.D. Reynolds and G.C. Topp
    Saturated Hydraulic Properties: Laboratory Methods, W.D. Reynolds
    Saturated Hydraulic Properties: Well Permeameter, W.D. Reynolds
    Saturated Hydraulic Properties: Ring Infiltrometer, W.D. Reynolds
    Saturated Hydraulic Properties: Auger-Hole, G.C. Topp
    Saturated Hydraulic Properties: Piezometer, G.C. Topp
    Unsaturated Hydraulic Properties: Laboratory Tension Infiltrometer, F.J.  Cook
    Unsaturated Hydraulic Properties: Laboratory Evaporation, O.O. B. Wendroth and N. Wypler
    Unsaturated Hydraulic Properties: Field Tension Infiltrometer, W.D. Reynolds
    Unsaturated Hydraulic Properties: Instantaneous Profile, W.D. Reynolds
    Estimation of Soil Hydraulic Properties, F.J. Cook and H.P. Cresswell  
    Analysis of Soil Variability, B.C. Si, R.G. Kachanoski, and W.D. Reynolds
    Site Description, G.T. Patterson and J.A. Brierley  
    General Safe Laboratory Operation Procedures, P. St-Georges


    M.R. Carter, E.G. Gregorich

    "… It is authoritative, covering soil analysis in the broadest sense… all the chapters retained from the first edition have been updated and others added. …Each method is described in detail… this book is a valuable vade mecum for any soil science laboratory."

    —Charlie Scrimgeour, in Experimental Agriculture, Vol. 44, 2008

    "… a substantial revision of the first edition published in 1993. Many of the earlier chapters have been updated, and new ones have been added, in particular to deal with modern developments in soil biology, the chemistry of soil organic matter and techniques for characterizing the hydraulic behavior of soil. It is an impressive volume of 85 chapters and two appendices written by 140 authors, most of whom are Canadian and many recognized internationally as experts in their fields… Sound sampling and estimation are crucial to success in almost any study of soil… This book is a valuable compendium on soil analysis and merits a place in any soil laboratory."

    —R. Webster, in European Journal of Soil Science, Vol. 59, 2008

    "The materials and procedures for … methods are presented in straightforward language with adequate details, easy to understand and follow. … well written and logically organized."

    – Mingxin Guo, Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Delaware State University in Environmental Quality, Vol. 38, No. 1, 2009