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    Soil Solarization describes the principles and technology of soil solarization and the use of soil solarization for different crops and cropping systems. The book evaluates and interprets the extensive amount of literature available on soil solarization in relation to climatic effects and changes in populations of soil-borne microorganisms and weeds. It also compares the advantages and disadvantages of soil solarization with other methods of soil disinfestation, such as soil steaming and fumigation.

    Soil Solarization explores the effects of soil solarization, covering such points as biological control, changes in soil chemistry involving mineral elements, as well as other changes, such as soil salinity and soil structure. It is suitable for solarizers, researchers working with soil-borne pathogens and soil microbiology, plant protection experts, and other plant researchers and extension specialists.

    SECTION I: SOIL SOLARIZATION AS A CONTROL METHOD: AN INTRODUCTION (Jaacov Katan and James E. DeVay). Population Dynamics of Plant Pathogens and Associated Organisms in Soil in Relation to Infectious Inoculum (Gary J. Griffin and Ralph Baker). Soil Solarization: Historical Perspectives, Principles, and Uses (Jaacov Katan and James E. DeVay). Soil Solarization: Pathogen and Disease Control and Increases in Crop Yield and Quality - Short- and Long-Term Effects and Integrated Control (James R. Davis). Management of Phytoparasitic Nematodes by Soil Solarization (James J. Stapleton and Charles M. Heald). Weed Control by Solarization (Clyde L. Elmore). SECTION II: MECHANISMS: PHYSICAL, MICROBIAL, AND CHEMICAL CHANGES IN THE SOLARIZED SOIL - AN INTRODUCTION (Jaacov Katan and James E. DeVay). Physical Principles of Solar Heating of Soils by Plastic Mulching in Field and in Glasshouses and Simulation Models (Y. Mahrer). Mechanisms of Pathogen Control in Solarized Soils (James E. DeVay and Jaacov Katan). Chemical, Physical, and Microbial Changes Related to Plant Growth in Disinfected Soil (Yona Chen, A. Gamliel, James J. Stapleton, and Tsila Aviad). Pesticide Behavior in Solarized and Disinfected Soils (Nadav Aharonson and Jaacov Katan). SECTION III: TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATION: AN INTRODUCTION (Jaacov Katan and James E. DeVay). Plastic Chemistry and Technology as Related to Plasticulture and Solar Heating of Soil (C. Stevens, V.A. Kahn, J.E. Brown, G. Hochmuth, W.E. Splittstoesser, and D.M. Granberry). The Technology of Soil Solarization (Avshalom Grinstein and Amotz Hetztroni). Economic Evaluation of Soil Solarization and Disinfestation (D. Yaron, A. Regev, and R. Spector). SECTION IV: IMPLEMENTATION OF SOIL SOLARIZATION IN DIFFERENT CROPPING SYSTEMS: AN INTRODUCTION (Jaacov Katan and James E. DeVay). Soil Solarization in Israel (A. Grinstein and R. Ausher). Soil Solarization in Greece (E.C. Tjamos). Soil Solarization in Japan (Seizo Horiuchi). Soil Solarization in Southern European Countries, with Emphasis on Soilborne Disease Control of Protected Crops (Angelo Garibaldi and M. Ludovica Gullino). Solarization of Soil and Agricultural Materials in Morocco for Control of Verticillium Wilt and Didymella Stem Canker in Tomato (Mohamed Besri). Soil Solarization in the Imperial Valley of California (Carl E. Bell and Franklin F. Laemmlen). EPILOGUE (Jaacov Katan and James E. McVey). INDEX.


    Jaacov Katan, James E. DeVay