1st Edition

Soil Water and Ground Water Sampling

ISBN 9781566700733
Published March 13, 1995 by CRC Press
192 Pages

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Book Description

The most recent "comprehensive" book on the subject of ground water sampling was written by Dr. Barcelona in 1986 and is still being sold today. It does not, however, include soil water sampling and analytic techniques. A considerable amount of research has since been undertaken dealing with ground water sampling equipment and techniques, making an up-to-date text a valuable commodity. The scope and detail of this book is much broader and more inclusive than previous efforts on the subject, and it provides the latest results of research in the field.
The book presents a comprehensive introduction to ground water monitoring, placing monitoring in context with respective regulatory programs. It offers a unique, detailed description of the installation and operation of soil water samplers (pressure-vacuum and zero tension). It provides the most comprehensive, step-by-step guidance on monitoring well installation.
The discussion of field instrumentation includes theory and operation of equipment used for obtaining static water levels, temperature, redox, pH, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, turbidity, and alkalinity. Equipment and techniques used to obtain ground water samples are described, and several valuable checklists are included. Quality assurance and control (QA/QC) are addressed in terms that can be easily comprehended and utilized. The book also provides an excellent introduction on how ground water samples are prepared and analyzed in a laboratory.
It is difficult to overestimate the quality and utility of this book. More than 46 photographs, an abundance of tables and diagrams, and a well-written style make even the most complex topic understandable. This extremely practical book should serve as the standard for ensuring ground water data reliability and comparability.

Table of Contents

Ground Water Monitoring
Introduction to Ground Water Modeling
Investigative Plans
Monitoring Plans
Site Remediation
Regulation of Contaminated Sites
Prevention of Ground Water Contamination
The Permit System
Ground Water Sampling
Soil Water Monitoring Devices
The Unsaturated Zone
Soil Water Samples
Pressure/Vacuum Soil Water Samplers
Percolate Soil Water Samplers
Limitations Inherent to Soil Water Samplers
Placement of Soil Water Samplers
Preparation of Pressure/Vacuum Samplers
Installation of Pressure/Vacuum Samplers
Sampling Pressure/Vacuum Samplers
Troubleshooting Pressure/Vacuum Samplers
Percolate Soil Water Samplers
Preparation and Installation of Percolate Samplers
Sample Collection
Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)
Newer Soil Water Samplers
Design and Installation of Monitoring Wells
Locating Monitoring Points
Soil Borings
Drilling for Monitoring Point Installation
Cleaning Drilling Equipment
Piezometer Installation
Monitoring Well Installation
Resistance of Materials to Chemical Adsorption and Leaching
Strength of Materials Used in Monitoring Well Construction
Other Construction Considerations
Selecting a Filter Pack and Screen Size
Keeping Monitoring Well Construction Materials Clean
Construction of the Well
The Annular Seal
Grouting the Well
Well Completion Details
Surveying the Wells
Developing the Well
Hydraulic Conductivity Testing Methods
Drilling Check List
Static Water Levels and Geochemical Field Parameters
Static Water Levels
Geochemical Field Parameters
Equipment and Techniques Used for Obtaining Ground Water Samples
Vertical Solute Concentrations
Ground Water Sample Acquisition Devices
Grab Mechanisms
Suction Lift Mechanisms
Positive Displacement Systems
Experimental Sampling Equipment Used in Monitoring Wells
Pump Tubing
Considerations for Selecting Sampling Equipment and a Sampling Protocol
Summary and Review
Ground Water Sampling Plans
Health and Safety Plans
Sampling Plans and Checklists
Prior to Going into the Field
Upon Arrival at the First Well in the Sampling Network
Sampling Domestic and Production Wells
Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Laboratory Analysis
Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Laboratory Analysis

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