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    The pedosphere - the thin mantel of soil on the earth's surface - plays a potentially crucial role in climate and climate change . The carbon storage of soils is the second largest in the biosphere, making the dynamics of soil organic carbon an important issue that must be understood if we are to fully comprehend global change.
    This new book examines the importance of soils and their relationship to global change, specifically to the greenhouse effect. Soils and Global Change presents a state-of-the-art compendium of our present knowledge of soils. This up-to-date information source enables readers to delve into the literature about soils and climate change and examine soils in both natural and managed environments.

    World Soils and Greenhouse Effect: An Overview, R. Lal, J. Kimble, E. Levine, C. Whitman
    Global Carbon and Nitrogen Reserves
    An Overview of the Carbon Cycle, W.H. Schlesinger
    Global Soil Carbon Resources, H. Eswaran, E. Van den Berg, P. Reich, and J. Kimble
    Changes in the Storage of Terrestrial Carbon Since 1850, R.A. Houghton
    Carbon Storage in Landfills, J. Bogner and K. Spokas
    Areal Evaluation of Organic and Carbonate Carbon in a Desert Area of Southern New Mexico, R.B. Grossman, R.J. Ahrens, L.H. Gile, C.E. Montoya, and O.A. Chadwick
    Carbon Storage in Tidal Marsh Soils, M.C. Rabenhorst
    Spatial Modeling Using Partially Saptial Data, R.B. Jackson IV, A.L. Rowell, and K.B. Weinrich
    Soil Processes and Gaseous Emissions
    Effect of Global Change on Carbon Storage in Cold Soils, W.C. Oechel and G.L. Vourlitis
    Global Soil Erosion by Water and Carbon Dynamics, R. Lal
    Gaseous Emissions from Agro-Ecosystems in India, I.P. Abrol
    Methane Emission from Canadian Peatlands, T.R. Moore and N.T. Roulet
    Decomposition of Organic Matter and Carbon Emissions from Soils, D.W. Anderson
    Factors Affecting Gaseous Emissions
    CO2 and CO Flux
    Impact of Fall Tillage on Short-Term Carbon Dioxide Flux, D.C Reicosky and M.J. Lindstrom
    Organic Matter Inputs and Methane Emissions from Soils in Major Rice Growing Regions of China, J.S. Kern, D. Bachelet, and M. Toig
    Soil CO2 Flux in Response to Elevated Atmospheric CO2 and Nitrogen Fertilization: Patterns and Methods, J.M. Vose, K.J. Elliott, and D.W. Johnson
    Soils Respiration and Carbon Dynamics in Parallel Native and Cultivated Ecosystems, G.A. Buyanovsky, and G.H. Wagner
    Biosphere-Atmosphere Exchange of Gaseous N Oxides, G.L. Hutchinson
    Nitrous Oxide Flux from Thawing Soils in Alberta, J.W. Laidlaw, M. Nyborg, and R.C. Izaurralde
    CH4 Flux
    Methane production in Mississippi Deltaic Plain Wetland Soils As a Function of Soil Redox Species, C.R. Crozier, R.D. DeLaune, and W.H. Patrick, Jr.
    Monitoring and Assessment
    Soil Survey and GIS
    Role of Soil Survey in Obtaining a Global Carbon Budget, R.W. Arnold
    Methods to Assess Soil Carbon Using Remote Sensing Techniques, C.J. Merry and E.R. Levine
    Preparing a Soil Carbon Inventory for the United States using Geographic Information Systems, N.B. Bliss, S.W. Waltman, and G.W. Peterson
    Analytical Techniques
    Establishing the Pool Sizes and Fluxes in CO2 Emissions from Soil Organic Matter Turnover, E.A. Paul, W.R. Horwath, D. Harris, R. Follett, S.W. Leavitt, B.A. Kimball, and K. Pregitzer
    Fractionation and Carbon Balance of Soil Organic Matter In Selected Cryic Soils in Alaska, C.L. Ping, C.J. Michaelson, and R.L. Malcolm
    Fractionation Characterization, and Comparison Of Bulk Soil Organic Substances and Water Soluble Soil Interstitial Organic Constituents in Selected Cryosols of Alaska, R.L. Malcolm, K. Kennedy, C.L. Ping, and G.T. Michaelson
    CO2 Efflux from Coniferous Forest Soils: Comparison Of Measurement Methods and Effects of Added Nitrogen, K.G. Mattson
    In Search of Bioreactive Soil Organic Carbon: The Fractionation Approaches, H.H. Cheng and J.A.E. Molina
    The Use of 13C Natural Abundance to Investigate the Turnover of the Microbial Biomass and Active Fractions of Soil Organic Matter under Two Tillage Treatments, M.C. Ryan, R. Aravena, and R.W. Gillham
    Climatic Approach
    Trace Gas and Energy Fluxes: Micrometeorological Perspectives, S.B. Verma, J. Kim, R.J. Clement, N.J. Shurpali, and D.P. Billesbach
    A micrometeorological Technique for Methane Flux Determination from A Field Treated with Swine Manure, J.H. Prueger, T.B. Parkin, and J.J. Hatfield
    Application of Century Soils Organic Matter Model to a Field Site in Lexington, KY, A.S. Patwardham, R.V. Chinnaswamy, A.S. Donigian, Jr., A.K. Metherell, R.L. Blevins, W.W. Frye, and K. Paustian
    The Exchange of Carbon Dioxide between the Atmosphere and the Terrestrial Biosphere in Latin America, C.G.M. Klein Goldewijk and M. Vloedbed
    Modeling the Dynamics of Organic Carbon in a Typic Haplorthod, M.R. Hoosbeek and R.B. Bryant
    Research and Development Priorities
    Towards Improving the Global Data Base on Soil Carbon, R. Lal, J. Kimble, E. Levine, and C. Whitman


    John M. Kimble, Elissa R. Levine, B.A. Stewart