1st Edition

Soils and Groundwater Pollution and Remediation Asia, Africa, and Oceania

By P. M. Huang, I.K. Iskandar Copyright 1999

    The increasing population densities of Asia, Africa and Oceania are in conflict with the ecosystem. A growing demand for food and fiber causes agriculture to rely heavily upon chemical fertilization, herbicides and pesticides. Rising industrial output creates higher contamination from cadmium, lead, selenium, and other metals.
    Soils and Groundwater Remediation explores the toxic levels of metals, radionuclides, inorganics, and anthropogenic organic compounds found in the soils and groundwater of Asia, Africa and Oceania. This 14 chapter book reviews the distribution, transformation, and dynamics of the pollutants. The authors also reflect on the impact of Acid-rain.
    The contributors to this book are well-known scientists from Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, and Kenya. The authors address their findings to researchers, educators, government regulators, and students.
    As the title suggests, the book is ultimately concerned with remediation. Huang and Iskandar feel "the potential for restoring ecosystem health ... in these areas is enormous." The contributions of Soils and Groundwater Remediation will bring science closer to achieving that possibility.

    Environmental Impacts of Heavy Metals in Agroecosystems and Amelioration Strategies in Oceania - K.G. Tiller, M.J. McLaughlin, and A.H.C. Roberts
    Environmental Concerns of Pesticides in Soil and Groundwater and Management Strategies in Oceania - B.K.G. Theng and R.S. Kookana and A. Rahman
    Metal Pollution of Soil and Groundwater and Remediation Strategies in Japan - M. Chino
    Impact of Radionuclides on Soil, Groundwater and Crops and Radionuclide Cleanup in Japan - S. Uchida and Y. Ohmomo
    Effect of Other Anthropogenic Organic Compounds on the Quality of Soil and Groundwater and Remediation Strategies in Japan - O. Nakasugi and T. Hirata
    Heavy Metal Pollution in Soils and Its Remedial Measures and Restoration in China - H.K. Wang
    Environmental Impacts of Metal and Other Inorganics on Soil and Groundwater in China - G.X. Xing and H.M. Chen
    Environmental Problems in Soil and Groundwater Induced by Acid Rain and Management Strategies in China - G. Ji, J. Wang, and X. Zhang
    Dynamics, Fate, and Toxicity of Pesticides in Soil and Groundwater and Remediation Strategies in Mainland China - D. Cai and Z. Zhu
    Perspectives of Environmental Pollution in Densely Populated Areas: The Case of Hong Kong - M.S. Yang and M.H. Wong
    Environmental Impacts and Management Strategies of Trace Metals in Soil and Groundwater in the Republic of Korea - J.E. Yang, Y.K. Kim, J.H. Kim, and Y.H. Park
    Transport, Residues, and Toxicological Problems of Agrochemicals in Agroecosystems and a Remediation Plan in the Republic of Korea - K.S. Lee and B.H. Song
    Toxic Metals and Agrochemicals in Soils in Malaysia: Current Problem and Mitigation Plans - Y.M. Khanif, I.C. Fauziah, and J. Shamshuddin
    Status of Cadmium, Lead, and Selenium in the Soils of Selected African Countries and Perspectives on Their Effects on Human and Environmental Health - B. Waiyaki


    Huang P.M., Iskandar I.K.