1st Edition

Soils in the Humid Tropics and Monsoon Region of Indonesia

By Kim H. Tan Copyright 2008
    590 Pages 41 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Highlighting the vast differences in tropical climate, from hot and humid to cool and arctic, Soils in the Humid Tropics and Monsoon Region of Indonesia explores the climate, soil zones, and altitudinal variation in soil formation. The author explores the changes in geomorphology, especially in climate and vegetation above sea level, that have yielded zones of different soils.

    The book makes accessible hard-to-find information translated from Dutch archives. Informally divided into two parts, it begins with coverage of the development of soil science in Indonesia. The author reviews the geography and geomorphology of the archipelago, climate, vegetation, and mineralization and humification processes as factors of soil formation. The second part examines the major soils, their genesis, properties, taxonomy, land use, and evaluation. The discussion moves from lowlands, to uplands, then mountains, and concludes with andosols found in the mountains as well as in the lowlands.

    Focused and timely, this book knits new knowledge with old but important information that has been previously difficult to access. These features and more make it an important resource in this field.

    The Development of Soil Science in Indonesia
    The Pre-World War II Period
    The Post-World War II Period
    Geomorphology of Indonesia
    Geographical Setting of Indonesia
    Geomorphology of Major Islands
    Climate of Indonesia
    Climatic Divisions Based on Length of Dry and Wet Seasons
    Altitudinal Variations in Climate
    Significance of Tropical and Monsoon Climates in Pedogenesis
    Vegetation of Indonesia
    Climax Vegetation
    Vegetation Provinces
    Altitudinal Vegetation Zones
    Soil formation, Classification, and Land Use
    Soil Formation Factors
    Soil-Forming Processes
    The System of Soil Classification in Indonesia
    Land Use in Indonesia
    Soils in the Lowlands of Indonesia
    Lowland Alfisols
    Soils in the Upland of Indonesia
    Podzolic Latosols
    Soils in the Mountains of Indonesia
    Highland Alfisols
    Brown Podzolic Soils
    Andosols of Indonesia
    Parent Materials
    Soil Morphology
    Soil Classification
    Physicochemical Characteristics
    Land use and Evaluation
    References and Additional Readings


    Kim H. Tan

    “Dr. Tan is uniquely qualified to discuss the comparative aspects of Indonesian and U.S. soils and the application of various soil classification systems to each. The book is informative and on occasion, provocative.”
    -- Herbert F. Massey, University of Kentucky

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