1st Edition

Solar Energy Technology Handbook

ISBN 9781315897639
Published December 13, 2017 by CRC Press
821 Pages

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Book Description

The handbook, for convenient use, is divided into eight main units: (1) The Solar Resource; (2) Solar Thermal Collectors; (3) Photovoltaics; (4) Bioconversion; (5) Wind Energy; (6) Solar Energy Storage Systems; (7) Applications of Solar Energy; (8) Non-technical Issues. In addition there are three Appendixes containing unit-conversion tables and useful solar data. It became obvious early in this project that if proper coverage were to be given each of these areas it would be necessary to divide the handbook into two volumes. The first six units constitute Part A, Engineering Fundamentals and the last two units constitute Part B, Applications, Systems Design, and Economics. These volumes have been prepared primarily as reference books, but it is felt that many of the sections will prove useful for practicing engineers, scientists and students.

Table of Contents

26. Application of Solar Energy 27. Domestic water Heating 28. Swimming Pool Heating 29. Building Space Heating: Active Systems 30. Solar Cooling 31. Passive Solar Design 32. Total Energy Systems Design 33. Distillation of Sea Water 34. Irrigation Pumping 35. Food Dehydration 36. Industrial Power Generation: Photovoltaics 37. Electric Power Generation: Photovoltaics 38. Electric Power Generation: Thermal Conversion 39. Electric Power Generation: Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion 40. Electric Power Generation: Wind, Waves, and Tides 41. Data Acquisition Systems 42. Solar Simulation Computer Programs 43. Calculation Procedures for Determining the Thermal Performance of Active Solar Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water Systems (the f-chart method). Reproduced from HUD. Intermediate Minimum Property Standards Supplement. 1977 Edition 44. A Simplified Method for Sizing Active Solar Space Heating Systems. Nontechnical Issues 45. An Economic Methodology for Solar Hot Water and Space Heating Systems 46. An Economic Methodology for Solar Industrial Process Heat Systems 47. Barriers and Incentives in the Commercialization of Solar Energy 48. Environmental, Health, and Safety Issues.

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