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Solar Neutrinos The First Thirty Years

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    A variety of evolutionary sequences of models for the solar interior has been computed, corresponding to variations in input data, to obtain some idea of the uncertainties involved in predicting a solar neutrino flux. It is concluded that the neutrino flux can be estimated to within a factor of 2, the primary uncertainty being the initial homogeneous solar composition; detailed results are given. With a preferred value of the heavy-element-to-hydrogen ratio Z/X = 0.028, the helium content necessary to fit a model to the observed solar luminosity is found to be Y = 0.27.

    Frontiers in Physics -- Editor’s Foreword -- Preface to the 2002 Paperback Edition -- Standard Model Expectations -- Introduction -- Standard Model Expectations -- Solar Neutrinos. I. Theoretical* -- Calcium-37† -- New Delayed-Proton Emitters: Ti44, Ca37, AND Ar33 † -- Neutrino Opacity I. Neutrino-Lepton Scattering* -- Absorption Of Solar Neutrinos In Deuterium* -- Solar Neutrinos* -- Prediction For Neutrino-Electron Cross-Sections In Weinberg’s Model Of Weak Interactions -- Solar neutrino experiments -- Solar Neutrino Flux* -- Helium Content And Neutrino Fluxes In Solar Models* -- A Study Of Solar Evolution -- On the Problem of Detecting Solar Neutrinos -- Present Status of the Theoretical Predictions for the 36Cl Solar-Neutrino Experiment * -- Solar Neutrinos and the Solar Helium Abundance * -- Sensitivity of the Solar-Neutrino Fluxes * -- More Solar Models and Neutrino Fluxes * † -- Standard solar models and the uncertainties in predicted capture rates of solar neutrinos -- Solar models, neutrino experiments, and helioseismology -- Our Sun. I. The Standard Model -- Standard solar models, with and without helium diffusion, and the solor neutrino problem -- On the depletion of lithium in the Sun -- Standard solar models with CESAM code -- Toward a Unified Classical model of the Sun: on the Sensitivity of Neutrinos and Helioseismology to the Microscopic Physics -- Solar neutrinos and nuclear reactions in the solar interior -- Do solar-neutrino experiments imply new physics? -- Effects of Heavy-Element Settling on Solar Neutrino Fluxes and Interior Structure -- Solar Neutrino Experiments -- Introduction -- Solar Neutrino Experiments -- National Research Council of Canada division of atomic energy -- Solar Neutrinos. II. Experimental* -- Limits on Solar Neutrino Flux and Elastic Scattering* -- Neutrino-Spectroscopy of Tee Solar Interior * -- Detection of Solar Neutrinos by Means of the Ga71(v,e~)Ge71 Reaction -- Proposed Solar-Neutrino Experiment Using 7lGa -- Direct Approach to Resolve the Solar-Neutrino Problem -- Predictions For a Liquid Argon Solar Neutrino Detector -- New Tools for Solving the Solar-Neutrino Problem -- Radiochemical Neutrino Detection via l27I(ve, e −)l27 Xe -- The Superkamiokande -- Sudbury Neutrino Observatory -- Search for Neutrinos from the Sun* -- Solar Neutrinos -- The Chlorine Solar Neutrino Experiment -- Results from One Thousand Days of Real-Time, Directional Solar-Neutrino Data -- Search for Neutrinos from the Sun Using the Reaction 71Ga(v e ,e –)71 Ge -- Solar neutrinos observed by GALLEX at Gran Sasso -- GALLEX results from the first 30 solar neutrino runs -- Results from SAGE -- Solar Neutrinos: Proposal for a New Test -- Inverse β Decay of 115In → 115Sn*: A New Possibility for Detecting Solar Neutrinos from the Proton-Proton Reaction -- Solar Neutrino Production of Technetium-97 and Technetium-98 -- Feasibility of a 81Br(v,e –)81Kr Solar Neutrino Experiment -- Detection of Solar Neutrinos in Superfluid Helium -- Nuclear Fusion Reactions -- Introduction -- Nuclear Fusion Reactions - Parker -- H3(α, γ)Li7 and He3(α,γ)Be7 Reactions -- Completion of The Proton-Proton Reaction Chain and The Possibility of Energetic Neutrino Emission by Hot Stars* -- Session XA -- γ Rays from an Extranuclear Direct Capture Process -- Electron Capture and Nuclear Matrix Elements of Be7 † -- The Reaction D(p, γ)He3 Below 50 Kev -- He3(α, γ)Be7 Reaction* -- Termination of The Proton-Proton Chain in Stellar Interiors* -- The Effect of Be7 K-Capture on the Solar Neutrino Flux* -- The Rate of the Proton-Proton Reaction* -- The 7Be Electron-Capture Rate -- 3He,(3He, 2p)4He Total Cross-Section Measurements Below the Coulomb Barrier* -- Reaction Rates in the Proton-Proton Chain* -- Low-Energy 3He(α, γ)7Be Cross-Section Measurements -- Proton capture cross section of 7Be and the flux of high energy solar neutrinos -- Astrophysical S(E) Factor of 3He(3He, 2p)4He at Solar Energies* -- The Fate of 7Be in the Sun -- Physics Beyond the Standard Model -- Introduction -- Physics Beyond the Standard Model - Smirnov -- Neutrino Astronomy and Lepton Charge -- Lepton Non-Conservation and Solar Neutrinos * -- Realistic calculations of solar-neutrino oscillations -- “Just So” Neutrino Oscillations -- Are Neutrinos Stable Particles?* -- Neutrino Decay in Matter -- Neutrino Mixing, Decays and Supernova 1987A * -- Neutrino oscillations in matter -- Matter effects on three-neutrino oscillations -- On the detection of cosmological neutrinos by coherent scattering -- Resonance enhancement of oscillations in matter and solar neutrino spectroscopy -- Neutrino oscillations in a variable-density medium and v-bursts due to the gravitational collapse of stars -- Treatment of v ⊙-Oscillations in Solar Matter the MSW Effect -- Mikheyev-Smirnov-Wolfenstein enhancement of oscillations as a possible solution to the solar-neutrino problem -- Possible Explanation of the Solar-Neutrino Puzzle -- Nonadiabatic Level Crossing in Resonant Neutrino Oscillations -- Adiabatic Conversion of Solar Neutrinos -- Effect Of Neutrino Magnetic Moment On Solar Neutrino Observations -- Neutrino electrodynamics and possible consequences for solar neutrinos -- Resonant spin-flavor precession of solar and supernova neutrinos -- Resonant Amplification of Neutrino Spin Rotation in Matter and the Solar-Neutrino Problem -- Testing the principle of equivalence with neutrino oscillations -- Mikheyev-Smirnov-Wolfenstein effect with flavor-changing neutrino interactions -- On the MSW effect with massless neutrinos and no mixing in the vacuum -- Helioseismology -- Introduction -- Velocity Fields in the Solar Atmosphere -- The Five-Minute Oscillations on the Solar Surface* -- A New Description of the Solar Five-Minute Oscillation -- Observations of Low Wavenumber Nonradial Eigenmodes of the Sun* -- Solar structure from global studies of the 5-minute oscillation -- Solar oscillations -- Internal rotation of the Sun -- Seismology of the Sun -- The Depth of the Solar Convection Zone -- Advances in Helioseismology -- Transition from “Problem” to Opportunity” -- Introduction -- How uncertain are solar neutrino predictions? -- Solar 8B and hep Neutrino Measurements from 1258 Days of Super-Kamiokande Data -- Measurement of the Rate of ve + d→p + p + e- Interactions Produced by 8B Solar Neutrinos at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory


    Peter Parker, Roger Ulrich