1st Edition

Soldiers and Oil The Political Transformation of Nigeria

Edited By Keith Panter-Brick Copyright 1978

    Soldiers and Oil (1978) examines Nigeria under military rule from 1966 to 1978, a period of political change as well as economic – the period also saw a twenty-fold increase in Nigerian oil revenues. The oil industry became by far the greatest single source of public revenue, and the distribution of oil wealth by the central federal government fundamentally changed the economics of the federated states, created by the military government , whose financial autonomy had been so jealously guarded.

    Introduction Keith Panter-Brick  Part 1. The Military in Office  1. Back to the Barracks: A Decade of Marking Time Valerie P. Bennett and A.H.M. Kirk-Greene  2. Soldiers, Politicians and Civil Servants Henry Bienen with Martin Fitton  3. Army Reorganisation and Military Withdrawal Ian Campbell  4. Corrective Government: Military Rule in Perspective Martin Dent  Part 2. Political Economy  5. Elements of the Political Economy Douglas Rimmer  6. Commercial Capitalism and the 1975 Coup Terisa Turner  Part 3. Federal Reform  7. The Creation of States Ali D. Yahaya  8. The Politics of Revenue Allocation S. Egite Oyovbaire  Part 4. Local Government Reform  9. Introduction Keith Panter-Brick  10. A View from Ibadan Alex E. Gboyega and Oyeleye Oyediran  11. As Seen in Kaduna Abubakar Yaya Aliyu  Part 5. Constitutional Reform  12. The Constitution Drafting Committee Keith Panter-Brick


    Keith Panter-Brick