1st Edition

Solidification and Casting:

By Brian Cantor, K O'Reilly Copyright 2002

    Written by leading experts in their respective fields, Solidification and Casting provides a comprehensive review of topics fundamental to metallurgy and materials science as well as indicates recent trends.

    From an industrial perspective, the book begins with chapters on the casting techniques most commonly used in industry today. It then describes the underlying science fundamental to solidification mechanisms, including fluid flow, the effects of cooling rates, modern simulation, and modelling methods in use and their application in various casting scenarios. Next, the authors consider the microstructure of cast materials and their defects, and explore how different casting processes can control these parameters. The book concludes with the most recent developments in the field and discusses new processes and materials, such as novel alloys and composites, metallic glasses, ceramics, and superconducting oxides.

    Direct chillcasting of aluminium alloys
    Continuous casting of aluminium alloys
    Continuous casting of steels
    Castings in the automotive industry
    Cast aluminium-silicon piston alloys

    Modelling direct chill casting
    Mold filling simulation of die casting
    The ten casting rules
    Grain selection in single crystal superalloy castings
    Defects in aluminium shape casting
    Pattern formation during solidification
    Peritectic solidification

    Hetergeneous nucleation in aluminium alloys
    Control of grain size in solidification
    Step casting
    Intermetallic selection during solidification of aluminium alloys
    Cooling rate and the structure of commercial aluminium alloys Solidification structure control by magnetic fields
    Direct observation of solidification and solid phase transformations
    Interfacial energy and solidification structures in aluminium-silicon alloys

    Rheocasting of TiAl alloys and composites
    Solidification of metallic glasses
    New euctectic ceramics
    Rapid solidification of oxides
    Peritectic solidification of superconducting oxides


    Cantor, Brian; O'Reilly, K