1st Edition

Solution Focused Practice in Asia

Edited By Debbie Hogan, Dave Hogan, Jane Tuomola, Alan Yeo Copyright 2017
    312 Pages 26 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    312 Pages 26 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book is a collection of solution focused practice across Asia, offering case examples from the fields of therapy, supervision, education, coaching and organisation consulting. It demonstrates the usefulness of the solution focused approach in the Asian context by providing practice based evidence, and highlights the diversity of application. By sharing real case examples in action across Asia, it is the aim of this book to stimulate the curious and inspire the converted. It gives readers a taste of what it is like to use this approach within an Asian context, in different areas of practice and within a broad spectrum of clinical issues. The examples offer exciting and creative ways in which solution focused practice can be used within the Asian context – with the hope that more practitioners will be curious enough to give solution focused practice serious consideration as a viable, evidence-based practice.

    1. Introduction to Solution Focused Practice in Asia: Creative Applications in Diverse Fields   (Debbie Hogan)

    Part I: Solution Focused Practice in Therapeutic Settings in Asia
    2. Introduction to Solution Focused Practice in Therapeutic Settings in Asia   (Jane Tuomola)
    3. The Solution Focused Approach in Therapeutic Settings: From Cannot to Can: Like a Dream Come True   (Lilian Ing)
    4. Chinese Cultural Values and Solution Focused Therapy   (Chan Tak-mau, Simon and Chung Yee Lin, Ada)
    5. Solution Focused Interventions in Addictions Treatment in Asia: ‘Breaking the Bonds of Shame and Isolation’   (Andrew da Roza)
    6. The Unsung Heroes and Heroines: Uncovering Clients’ Hidden Strengths and Resources within a Singapore Mental Health Setting   (Seah Limin, Eunice)
    7. From Helpless and Hopeless to Empowerment and Recovery: Using Solution Focused Brief Therapy with Clients with Psychosis   (Jane Tuomola and Lee Yi Ping)
    8. Simpler and Simpler! The 10-minute Solution Building Approach in a Psychiatry Setting   (Kotaro Fujioka)
    9. Being Bilingual   (Cheryl Ng)
    10. A Perfect Match   (Petra Maierhöfer)
    11. Solution Focused Play Therapy: Working with Children in the Philippines   (Maria Aurora Assumpta D. Catipon)
    12. The Solution Balloon: An Effective Tool for Applying SFBT with Children and Families   (David Blakely)
    13. Working with Taiwanese Mother-Child Relational Conflict Using the Solution Focused Brief Therapy Framework: A Practice-Based Reflection   (Wei-Su Hsu and Ben C.H. Kuo)
    14. ‘There were so many Little Things’. Working Creatively with Clients   (Amanda Jewitt)

    Part II: Solution Focused Practice in Supervision in Asia
    15. Introduction to Solution Focused Practice in Supervision in Asia   (Alan K.L. Yeo)
    16. From the Blind Leading the Blind to Leading from One Step Behind: Experiences from Running a Solution Focused Supervision Group for Case Managers   (Jane Tuomola)
    17. I’ve Done it Before, I Can Do it Again: Words of Wisdom from a Speech Therapist Supervisee   (Valerie P.C. Lim)
    18. Solution Focused Supervision with Hong Kong Counselling Students   (Ann Moir-Bussy)
    19. From Solving Problems to Finding Solutions: A Change in Perspective for Consultation and Supervision in an International School in Hong Kong   (Natalie Broderick)
    20. The Utilisation of a Solution Focused Approach in the Supervision of a Government Welfare Project in South Korea   (Yunjoo Kim)
    21. Be the Supervisor You Wish to See in the World   (Lilian Ing)
    22. ‘Pulling Up the Shoots to Help Them Grow’ and Other Oriental Pearls of Solution-Focused Wisdom   (Alan K.L. Yeo)

    Part III: Solution Focused Practice in Education in Asia
    23. Introduction to Solution Focused Practice in Education in Asia   (Debbie Hogan)
    24. Working with Young People when they say ‘I Don’t Know’   (Joan Low)
    25. ‘Not Knowing’: Curiosity as a Tool for Working with Students from Different Cultures   (Yana Ricart)
    26. Solutions for Challenging Dilemmas in Cambodian Education   (Bradley Barrett)
    27. Resetting the Bar: Solution Focused Scaling with Children in Hong Kong   (Emily Meadows)
    28. The Melding of Two Different Cultures: Finding Balance Between School and Home   (Patricia Joudrey)
    29. Primary Aged Students Find Solutions in Asia   (Colleen Steigerwald)
    30. Turning Bullies to Allies   (Vania M.N. Djohan)
    31. ‘Amy the Amazing’ Implements ‘Project Control’ : Building Collaboration between Student, Parents and the School   (Debbie Hogan)
    32. Why Should I? Working with Troubled Youth in Singapore   (Joe Chan)

    Part IV: Solution Focused Practice in Coaching in Asia
    33. Introduction to Solution Focused Practice in Coaching in Asia   (Peter Szabo and Debbie Hogan)
    34. Solution Focused Coaching for Business Solutions   (Harliem Salim)
    35. Metaphors Creating Miracles: The Power and Pitfalls of Using Metaphors in SF Coaching   (Marjanne van der Helm)
    36. The Solution Focused Huddle: Assisting Employees Amidst Organisation Redundancy   (Agnes Hautea Nano)
    37. Solution Focused Team Facilitation: Co-creating our Shared Future   (Anisha Kaul)
    38. Look for the Silver Lining   (Jayne Sim)
    39. Application of Solution Focused Coaching in Occupational Therapy for Mental Health Recovery in Hong Kong   (Maurice S.H. Wan and Raymond W.C. Au)

    Part V: Solution Focused Practice in Organisations in Asia
    42. Introduction to Solution Focused Practice in Organisations in Asia   (Mark McKergow and Dave Hogan)
    43. ‘SF Inside’: Why the ‘SF Inside Concept’ can be Useful in Organisational Development   (Yasuteru Aoki)
    44. Managing Change and Organisational Culture   (Arvind Wable)
    45. Change your Conversation, Change your Organisation: SF Consulting Leveraging Strategic Methods of Collaboration   (Denise Wright)
    46. ‘Work Smarter, not Harder’   (Debbie Hogan)
    47. See it and Make it Happen!   (Indry Wardhani)
    48. Conflict Resolution Goes Mother Goose   (Karen McDonald Louis)
    49. The Solution Focused Approach in a Children’s Home   (Edwin Choy)
    50. Working Less, Doing More   (Dave Hogan)


    Debbie Hogan is Managing Director at the Academy of Solution Focused Training Pte Ltd.

    Dave Hogan is Director at the Academy of Solution Focused Training Pte Ltd.

    Jane Tuomola is a lecturer in clinical psychology at James Cook University, Singapore.

    Alan K.L. Yeo is a consultant at Balanced Consulting.

    "Asia is a big continent with many voices; by adding those voices to the international Solution Focused community this book is making a uniquely important contribution to the development of future practice in all its forms." - Chris Iveson, BRIEF London.

    "This book stands out as an exemplar of how Solution-Focused practices can be appropriately adapted and applied to the Asian cultures and situations described. It will stand out as a wonderful text for anyone studying either SF practices in a variety of areas (counselling, schools, management, organizations, coaching) or adaptations of a major approach to particular cultural contexts. It is written in reader-friendly language, easily perused and adapted to one’s own practice." - Thorana S. Nelson, PhD, Professor Emerita, Utah State University