228 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    228 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Solution Focused Team Coaching offers readers a simple, practical and effective way to coach teams. Its evidence-based approach, which has been applied successfully to many fields, is presented in an engaging, pragmatic and approachable way, making this book a must read for anyone who wants to broaden their horizon within the team coaching space.

    This book presents the background and philosophy of Solution Focused team coaching and then moves on to explore its practical application in various formats of team coaching, with different audience dimensions. The reader will find a useful structure for team coaching processes as well as detailed descriptions for facilitating team coaching “moves” (conventionally called “techniques” or “tools”) for both online and live settings. With this book, it is easy to plan a Solution Focused team coaching process from contract negotiation through workshop design to follow-up and evaluation. It covers difficult team situations such as conflicts, and different forms of teams from shop-floor to executive teams, Agile teams and special formats of team coaching, as well as how to facilitate larger teams. Additionally, readers who want to achieve certification and/or accreditation will find it extremely useful to read about ICF, EMCC and AC team coaching competencies and how Solution Focused team coaching is an easy way of embedding those competencies.

    Solution Focused Team Coaching is a must for any coach, from those who would like to learn a pragmatic, impactful and easy way to move into team coaching to experienced team coaches who would like to learn a new approach and expand their skills, and anybody interested in exploring the fascinating world of team coaching.

    About the authors  Why a new edition? Foreword  Preface  Acknowledgments How to read this book  1. Foundations  2. Structure of a team coaching process  3. Special team coaching formats  4. What kind of teams can you coach?  5. What size should the team be?  6. Difficult situations  7. Continuous development as a team coach  8. Team coaching cheat sheet


    Kirsten Dierolf has been coaching teams since 1996 and has been training team coaches since 2008. She is the owner and founder of SolutionsAcademy, an ICF and EMCC accredited coach training school. Kirsten started her journey with the Solution Focused approach when she studied directly with its founders, Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer, and since then has been passionate about the Solution Focused and other social-constructionist approaches.

    Cristina Mühl is an accredited coach and team coach both with ICF and EMCC and also an accredited supervisor, working also with team coaches to develop their own practice. She started supporting teams back in 2010 and her passion for growing teams is transparent in all the team coaching processes and training interactions.

    Carlo Perfetto began his career in coaching in 2013, studying and applying the Solution Focused approach in training and in team coaching. He works as a coach trainer, mentor and supervisor for SolutionsAcademy, to which he brings his vast experience and expertise in team coaching and developing people.

    Rafal Szaniawski has been coaching using the Solution Focused approach since 2019. Raf also brings his natural enthusiasm and charisma to the training and team coaching space, making it easy to address serious matters in a relaxed manner, creating a safe environment for teams to work on their objectives.

    “This new edition of Solution Focused Team Coaching is a real winner! The authors bring the whole stance and approach of Solution Focused work and put it context with expansions into narrative and agile methods. The many case examples and practical tools illustrate everything superbly. This could be the last team coaching book you’ll need to buy, read and practise.”

    Dr Mark McKergow, author of The Next Generation of Solution Focused Practice

    “As both a novice in Solution Focused coaching, and as an experienced team coaching practitioner, this book has been full of fresh thinking, fun analogies and new team coaching “moves” for me to absorb into my own practice. The writing style is lively, insightful, practical and passionate – the same ingredients needed for a great team coaching session.”

    Dr Colm Murphy, Managing Director of Dynamic Leadership Development and senior faculty Global Team Coaching Institute

    “This is a must- read guide for anyone who wants to engage in Solution Focused team coaching. The set of practical team coaching tools and case studies really helped me to become a better leader and transformed the way I coach my team. Read this book – and learn from the best.”

    Lydia Benton, Principal Director at Accenture

    “I consider myself very fortunate to have been introduced to coaching by Kirsten. During my studies and all our interactions, I have always been impressed by her honesty and generosity. That is what this book is all about: knowledge and experience shared without reservation. Near or far, the SolutionsAcademy team is my safety net and Kirsten, Carlo, Raf and Cristina are people I can count on. This book demonstrates their ability to apply coaching principles to the team with pragmatism and elegance. The solutions, suggestions and reflections contained in it are the fruit of SolutionsAcademy’s experience in this field and will be extremely useful not only to those in consultancy but also to those who manage teams within organizations.”

    Francesca Caroleo, Deputy Head of People and Culture and Head of Centre of Expertise – Global Human Resources, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL)

    Solution Focused Team Coaching presents a positive, hopefully and practical approach to team coaching and is an important addition to the growing discipline of team coaching.”

    Lucy Widdowson, Performance Edge