1st Edition

Solutions for Energy Security and Facility Management Challenges WEEC Proceedings

Edited By Joyce Wells Copyright 2002
    624 Pages
    by River Publishers

    This comprehensive up-to-date reference book details new tools for reducing energy costs in buildings, developing distributed generation strategies, and employing the latest security measures for any type of facility. More than 100 authorities have contributed to this work. Topics include: how integrated combined heat and power systems for buildings are being utilized, high performance buildings for sustainable design, new tools for federal energy projects, power quality solutions, measurement and verification systems and continuous commissioning, and security facilities for bio-terrorism and disaster preparedness.





    High Frequency Metal Halide Ballast

    Diarmuid McSweeney

    Energy Efficiency of Rotary Dryers in Manufacturing Plants

    Harshweep Ahluwalia, James W. Leach, Stephen Terry

    Energy Information and How to Turn It into Knowledge

    Charles (Steve) S. Dixon, PE, CEM

    Results from the Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) Steam Tool Benchmarking Support Project

    Anthony L. Wright, Kurt Bassett, Herbert Eckerlin, Ahmad Ganji, Derek Hengeveld, Richard Jendrucko, Dragoljub Kosanovic, Wayne Turner

    The Industrial Partnership of Energy Star®

    Fred C. Shoeneborn, CEM

    Is Commissioning Once Enough?

    David E. Claridge, W. D. Turner, Mingsheng Liu, Song Deng, Guanghua Wei, Charles Culp, Hui Chen, Sool Yeon Cho

    Central Plant Retrofit Considerations

    Jon R. Haviland, PE, CEM

    Exhaust Air: Control it and Save Money

    Chao Chen

    Making Buildings Work. . . A Case Study of an Innovative Cold Air Retrofit

    James P. Waltz, PE, CEM

    Technology Demonstration: Magnetically-Coupled Adjustable Speed Drive Systems

    William D. Chvala, Jr., CEM; David Winiarski

    ADD CHP-Accelerated Development and Deployment of Combined Cooling Heat and Power at Federal Facilities

    Keith L. Kline, Stanton W. Hadley, Julia S. Kelley

    Investment Grade Audits. . . Fact or Fiction

    James P. Waltz, PE, CEM

    Advanced Tools for Energy Auditing

    W. Mark Arney, PE, CEM

    Air Force Performance Contracting in the US and Overseas

    Jeffery G. Stringfield, PE; K. Quinn Hart, PE

    Operations and Maintenance for Federal Buildings: Capturing the Potential

    Ab Ream; W. David Hunt, CEM; Gregory P. Sullivan

    FEMP’s O&M Best Practices Guide: A Guide to Achieving Operational Efficiency

    Gregory P. Sullivan, PE, CEM; Aldo P. Melendez; Ray Pugh

    Building Continuous Commissioning Guidebook

    W. Dan Turner, David E. Claridge, Mingsheng Liu

    Software Maintenance: A Must for Energy Management Programs

    Yousef Abouzelof, CEM

    If Buildings Were Built Like Cars-The Potential for Information and Control Systems Technology in New Buildings

    Barney L. Capehart, Harry Indig, Lynne C. Capehart

    Maximizing Revenue Potential Through Remote Automation Systems

    Frits Bruggink

    Strategy for Developing 10-Year Energy Management Plants at US Army Forces Command Installations

    Graham B. Parker, Adrian Gillespie, Doug Dixon, Daryl Brown, Ray Reilly, Mike Warwick

    Real-Time Risk Management in the Energy Market: Goals and Challenges

    Jeff Mantel

    Army’s Sustainable Design and Development Program for Military Facilities

    Harry Goradia, PE

    Successful Development and Privatization for Energy Plants Through Enhanced Leasing

    Michael Simmons, Tony Kushnir, Robert Eidson

    Assessment of Non-Electric Cooling Alternatives to Reduce the Electric Demand on New York’s Power Grid

    Khaled A. Yousef, PE, CEM; Ronald B. Slosberg; Mark Eggers; Christopher Reohr

    Hybrid Plant Expansion: A Case Study at SJSU

    John Salas

    Variable Air Volume and Ventilation (VAV2)

    Alan F. Stewart, PE

    The Changing Role of the Energy Manager

    D. Victor Bush

    Heat Recovery Strategies for Low Temperature Heat Sources

    D. Paul Mehta, Chintamani V. Kulkarni

    Delivering Energy Efficiency Services to Wisconsin’s Industries: Actions, Experiences and Results from the Focus on Energy Program

    Thomas M. Giffin, PE; Jolene Anderson-Sheil; Preston Schutt; Terry Pease; John Nicol, PE

    Energy 101: Ten Ways to Reduce Facility Energy Costs or What to Look at First

    Terry Niehus, PE, CEM

    Leveraging Power: How to Use Energy Management Systems to Track Power and Negotiate Better Prices

    Robert M. Lacy and Anthony C. Maurer

    Energy Management Challenges in the Water/Wastewater Industry

    Robert B. Taylor, PE, CEM

    Working Overseas on Energy Management Projects: Cultural and Financial Considerations

    Bruce K. Colburn, PE, CEM

    Achieving Energy Efficiency in Buildings that Utilize Subsidized Electrical Energy

    Fatouh A. Al-Ragom, CEM

    Demand Exchange Trading Floor (DEX): A New Opportunity for End Users and Utilities Under a Regulated Environment

    Rafael Herzberg, PE

    Fitting Flexible Wind Speed Models: A New Approach

    Jason C. Chadee, Chandrabhan Sharma

    Prospective FORSCOM Energy Intensities

    Daryl R. Brown, CEM; James A. Dirks, CEM


    Geothermal Heat Pumps—A Case Study of Federal Agencies Leading by Example

    P.J. Hughes, J.A. Shonder

    Water+® Geothermal Heating and Cooling from Municipal Water

    Bruce Ritchey


    Investment Grade Energy Audit

    Ahmad R. Ganji, PE; Bruce Gilleland

    A Contractor’s Real World Performance Contracting Experiences

    Larry J. Fisher

    A Discussion of the Economic Aspects of Implementing Energy Conservation Opportunities

    Stephen A. Roosa, CEM, CIAQP

    Use of Measurement and Verification Systems for Continuous Commissioning

    Martin A. Mozzo, Jr., PE, CEM, CLEP

    Using Advanced Metering to Measure and Verify Savings on Energy Projects

    Randolph L. Haines, CEM, CLEP

    Market-Based Energy Procurement

    James S. Peters

    Utility Deregulation: How to Make It Work for You

    John M. Studebaker

    Measurement and Verification of a Utility’s Energy Management Program

    L.J. Grobler, W.L.R. de Heijer, A.Z.D. Dalgleish

    The Energy Engineer’s Guide to Performance Contracting Opportunities

    Stephen J. Roosa, CEM, CIAQP

    The Effect of Building Geometry on Energy Use

    Geoffrey J. Gilg; Cisco L. Valentine, PE

    Performance Contracting: Tips to Get What You Need and Avoid What You Don’t

    Andrew D. Holden, CEM

    The City of Calgary Fire Stations

    Trina L. Larson, PE


    Enabling Distributed Generation and Demand Response with Enterprise Energy Management Systems

    Rene Jonker Patricia Dijak

    Natural Gas Purchasing Strategies: Making Sense of It All

    Philip R. Walsh

    The Rapidly Approaching Market for Fuel Cell Power Generation

    William H. Steigelmann, PE

    Lessons Learned from World’s Largest Fuel Cell Installation: Connecticut Juvenile Training School

    James B. Redden, PE

    Steam Turbine Versus Pressure Reducing Valve Operation

    Greg Harrell, PE; Richard Jendrucko, PE


    Solar Electric Technologies and Applications

    Tara Willey, Steve Hester

    Solar Heating for Emergency Diesel Generators

    John P. Archibald

    Policies and Incentives for Biomass Power to Become a Real Player In the Competitive Electricity Market

    Katherine H. Hamilton, CEM

    Using Facility Intelligence to Manage Energy Costs at Multiple Sites

    Gerry D. Crooks

    Evaluating Building Performance Using Interval Meter Data

    James M. Bolton, PE, CEM; Dagfinn Bell


    Indoor Air & Environmental Quality (IA&EQ): Investigation Introduction (Including Toxic Mould)

    Dewayne R. Miller, CIAQP; Walter H. Carter, CIAQP

    Updates on Legislation and Insurance Activity in the Nation for Mould, Asbestos, and Lead

    Walter H. Carter. CIAQP, Dewayne R. Miller, CIAQP

    Buildings for a Livable Future

    Nick Stecky

    Sustainable and High Performance Building Design, Construction and Operation: An Engineer’s Perspective

    Rob Bolin, PE

    The High Performance School, Sustainable, Obtainable, and Cost-Effective

    Jason Kliwinski

    The Energy Manager’s Role in Sustainable Design

    Kristyn L. Clayton, CEM

    Benefit-Cost Analyses of Sustainable Building Features

    Benson Kwong

    Fast and Innovative Delivery of High Performance Building: Design-Build Delivers with Less Owner Liability

    P. Thomas Gard, PE


    Reducing the Vulnerabilities of Department of Defense Utilities and Energy Use

    Get W. Moy, PE

    Energy Security and Small-Scale Generation: Some Things Never Change

    Lewis Milford

    Highly Reliable Electric Power System Design with Probabilistic Risk Assessment

    Stephen A. Fairfax

    Massachusetts and Energy Security: What One State is Doing to Enhance Security Through Distributed Generation

    Raphael Herz

    Renewable and Distributed Energy as a Security Tactic

    Scott Sklar


    Energy Management of Wake County Schools: A Growing Demand

    Phil Mobley

    From Tick Tock to the Superhighway to Save Energy Dollars

    Allen R. Shrum

    Power Quality Solutions to Mitigate the Impact of Voltage Sags in Manufacturing Facilities

    Trevor L. Grant, Deepak M. Divan

    Powering the Digital Revolution: Electric Power Security, Quality, Reliability, and Availability in the Digital Age

    Marek Samotj; Don Von Dollen; Bill Howe, PE

    How Enterprise Energy Development Systems Help Maximize Reliability

    John Van Gorp, Bill Westbrock

    Building Business Partnerships with Your Electric Utility: A Power Quality Perspective

    S. Kay Tuttle

    Energy Costs Savings Through EMS Optimization

    Mahesh Bala, Roy Michaelson

    Striving for Cost-Effective Energy Information Solutions: Emerging Web-Based Technologies Provide Hope!

    John M. Duff, CEM

    A New Approach to Maintaining Chiller Efficiency

    Larry Seigel; Dan Durham, PE; L.D Kicak

    Information Technology Basics for Energy Managers –How a Web-Based Energy Information System Works

    Barney Capehart, Paul Allen, Klaus Pawlik, David Green


    Joyce Wells