1st Edition

Somatic Gene Therapy

By P.L. Chang Copyright 1995

    As human gene therapy becomes a clinical reality, a new era in medicine dawns. Novel and innovative developments in molecular genetics now provide opportunities to treat the genetic bases of diseases often untreatable before. Somatic Gene Therapy documents these historical clinical trials, reviews current advances in the field, evaluates the use of the many different cell types and organs amenable to gene transfer, and examines the prospects of various exciting strategies for gene therapy.

    1. Human Hematopoietic Cells for Gene Therapy 2. Somatic Gene Therapy for Severe Combined Immune Deficiency 3. Fibroblast Cell Biology and Gene Therapy 4. Hepatic Gene Therapy 5. Epidermal Keratinocytes- Opportunities and Applications in Somatic Cell Gene Theray 6. Endothelial Cells- Endothelium as a Target Organ for Somatic Gene Therapy 7. Gene Therapy by Myoblast-Mediated Gene Transfer 8. Gene Delivery to Neurons of the Adult Mammalian Nervous System Using Herpes and Adenovirus Vectors 9. Implantation of Genetically-Modified Cells in the Brain 10. Direct Gene Transfer In Vivo 11. Nonautologous Somatic Gene Therapy 12. Current Gene Marking and Gene Therapy Protocols for Human Bone Marrow Transplantation 13. Gene Therapy for Brain Tumors 14. Gene Therapy for Adult Cancers- Advance in Immunologic Approaches Using Cytokines


    P.L. Chang