1st Edition

Some Aspects of the Inequality of Incomes in Modern Communities

By Hugh Dalton Copyright 2003
    388 Pages
    by Routledge

    388 Pages
    by Routledge

    Divided into four parts, the book is structured as follows:
    Part 1: Examines the extent to which the inequality of incomes is guided by ethical principles.
    Part 2: Illustrates the growth of the theory of distribution in the hands of successive generations of economists.
    Part 3: Develops the theory on the subject of the division of income between categories.
    Part 4: Looks at the division of income between people and the causes of that inequality, paying particular attention to the factor of inherited wealth.

    Part 1 Some Ethical Aspects of the Inequality of Incomes Chapter 1 Economic Contrasts and the Modern Spirit Chapter 2 Economic Welfare and the Inequality of Incomes Chapter 3 Justice and the Inequality of Incomes Part 2 The Historical Development of the Theory of Distribution Chapter 1 The Use and Abuse of the Historical Method in the Study of Economic Theory Chapter 2 First Period: Before 1776 Chapter 3 Second Period: 1776-1817 Chapter 4 Third Period: 1817-1848 Chapter 5 Fourth Period 1848-1871 Chapter 6 Fifth Period: 1871-1890 Chapter 7 Sixth Period: 1890-1911 Chapter 8 Seventh Period: 1911-1918 Part 3 The Division of Income Between Categories Chapter 1 Absolute and Relative Shares Chapter 2 The Meaning of Income Chapter 3 The Sources of Income Chapter 4 Aggregate Income from Civil Rights and From Private Gifts Chapter 5 The Division of Income Between a Number of Factors of Production Note to Chapter 5: The Conception of Elasticity of Demand and Supply Chapter 6 The Division of Income Between Workers and Property Owners Note to Chapter 6: Statistics Bearing on the Division Between Workers and Property Owners Chapter 7 The Effects of Inventions Chapter 8 The Effects of Changes in the Character of Consumers' Demand Chapter 9 The Share of the Landowner Chapter 10 Changes in the Relative Importance of Different Industries Chapter 11 Categories Part 4 The Division of Income Between Persons Chapter 1 The General Causes of the Inequality of Individual Incomes Chapter 2 Inequality of Incomes from Civil Rights and Private Gifts Chapter 3 Inequality of Incomes from Work Chapter 4 Inequality of Incomes From Property Chapter 5 Inequality and Inherited Wealth Chapter 6 The Comparative Non-Fiscal Law of the Inheritance of Wealth Chapter 7 The Comparative Effects of the Non-Fiscal Law of Inheritance Chapter 8 The Comparative Effects of Custom Within the Limits of the Non-Fiscal Law Chapter 9 The Comparative Fiscal Law of Inheritance and its Comparative Effects Chapter 10 Some Suggestions For the Reform of the Law of Inheritance Note to Chapter 10: Inheritance and Life Insurance Chapter 11 Some Final Considerations on the Inequality of Incomes


    Hugh Dalton