1st Edition

Sons of Ishmael (RLE Egypt) A Study of the Egyptian Bedouin

By G.W. Murray Copyright 1935
    432 Pages
    by Routledge

    364 Pages
    by Routledge

    Merely to inhabit a desert demands much skill, craft, experience and travel. For the numerous nomadic tribes of Africa and the Middle East, living ancestors of the Egyptians, Jews and Arabs, Egypt is their meeting ground. The author, with twenty-five years of accumulated knowledge, here sets out to present analyses of their cultures and beliefs, along with descriptions of each tribe.

    First published 1935.

    Preface.  Introduction.  Part 1.  1. The Desert in Ancient Times  2. The Arab Invasion Part 2.  3. The Tribe  4. Life in the Tents  5. Food  6. Domestic Animals  7. The Camel  8. The Chase  9. Raiding and Warfare  Part 3.  10. Beliefs  11. Rites and Ceremonies  12. The Law of Blood-Vengeance  13. Laws of the Tent and of Women  14. Legal Procedure  Part 4.  15. Arabs of Sinai and the Eastern Desert  16. The Western Bedouin  17. Bedouin Settled in the Nile Valley  18. The Beja  19. Epilogue.  Appendix: Western Desert Law.  Index.


    G.W. Murray