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Sound in Urban and Popular Culture

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The series provides a vibrant space for those working in the fields of sound within urban spaces or/and within popular culture. It especially wishes to publish works that focus on the ‘South’ - South America, Africa and Asia as well as those from the industrial West. As such it also encourages work that focusses upon the role of sound in race, gender and class both geographically and culturally. The series is broad based and seeks submissions that develop, broaden and interrogate our understanding of the workings and nature of sound in urban and popular culture. As such we welcome both work that inhabits the realms of cultural practices and performance together with those that use place based grounded analysis of specific urban spaces. We especially encourage submissions from those working in the fields of urban geography, anthropology, ethnomusicology, sociology and cultural studies together with other disciplines. The series will publish full length monographs and edited collections that focus upon original and underexplored sonic issues within urban and popular culture. The series will aim to provide valuable texts that will be presented in a style accessible to students and wherever possible will be published in both hardback and softback form thereby facilitating broad student appeal.

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Streaming Sounds Musical Listening in the Digital Age

Streaming Sounds: Musical Listening in the Digital Age

1st Edition


By Michael James Walsh
March 29, 2024

In a time when music streaming has become the dominant mode of consuming music recordings, this book interrogates how users go about listening to music in their everyday lives in a context where streaming services are focused on not only the circulation of music for users but also the circulation ...

Soundtracked Books from the Acoustic Era to the Digital Age A Century of

Soundtracked Books from the Acoustic Era to the Digital Age: A Century of "Books That Sing"

1st Edition

By Justin St. Clair
June 16, 2022

Offering both a short history and a theoretical framework, this book is the first extended study of the soundtracked book as a media form. A soundtracked book is a print or digital publication for which a recorded, musical complement has been produced. Early examples were primarily developed for ...

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