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Multiculturalism in Academe A Source Book

Multiculturalism in Academe: A Source Book

1st Edition

By Libby V. Morris, Sammy Parker
March 05, 2019

Examining college and university curricula, this annotated bibliography cites over 300 articles, books, and other works that document the impact of multiculturalism on higher education during the 1980s and 1990s. Included are writings that address change in both the traditional disciplines and the...

The Foreign Language Classroom Bridging Theory and Practice

The Foreign Language Classroom: Bridging Theory and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Margaret A Haggstrom, Leslie Z. Morgan, Joseph A. Wieczorek
January 16, 2019

Written from the practical viewpoint of language educators, these essays address classroom applications of second-language theory that respond to a broad spectrum of needs of foreign-language instructors. In addition to the commonly taught French and Spanish, it offers commentary on the teaching of...

Critical Issues in Foreign Language Instruction

Critical Issues in Foreign Language Instruction

1st Edition

By Ellen S. Silber
September 02, 2016

First Published in 1991. This is Volume 22 of the Source Books on Education series. Politically speaking the study of foreign languages and cultures helps maintain a strong competitive position in an increasingly global marketplace. It was hard to imagine in 1957 that the launching of a Soviet ...

At-Risk Youth Theory, Practice, Reform

At-Risk Youth: Theory, Practice, Reform

1st Edition

Edited By Robert F. Kronick
August 04, 2016

This book is about theory, practice, and reform in working with youth who are at-risk in our schools. The book addresses several important topics, including: Problems of definition of at-risk and measurement; social, political and health aspects of being at-risk; theories of at-risk status ...

Religion and Schooling in Contemporary America Confronting Our Cultural Pluralism

Religion and Schooling in Contemporary America: Confronting Our Cultural Pluralism

1st Edition

Edited By Thomas Hunt, Thomas C. Hunt, James C. Carper, James C. Carper
August 04, 2016

With articles dealing with denomination, law, public policy and financing this anthology grants an evenhanded view of the impact of religion on our nation's public schools....

Early Intervention Cross-Cultural Experiences with a Mediational Approach

Early Intervention: Cross-Cultural Experiences with a Mediational Approach

1st Edition

By Pnina S. Klein
July 27, 2016

First published in 1996. This book presents a new theoretical and practical model for early intervention: the Mediational Intervention for Sensitizing Caregivers (MISC). Aid agencies including the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, and Redd Barna supported research projects on the ...

Images of Mainstreaming Educating Students with Disabilities

Images of Mainstreaming: Educating Students with Disabilities

1st Edition

Edited By Robert F. McNergney, Clayton Keller, Robert Mcnergney, Clayton Keller
July 27, 2016

This work occupies a unique place amongst the array of books addressing the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education classrooms. In contrast to the more prescriptive books on the market, Images of Mainstreaming emphasizes the extensive use of case studies and the use of ...

Teachers and Mentors Profiles of Distinguished Twentieth-Century Professors of Education

Teachers and Mentors: Profiles of Distinguished Twentieth-Century Professors of Education

1st Edition

By Craig Kridel, Robert V. Bullough, Jr., Paul Shaker
April 27, 2016

The unique relationship between mentors and students informs the art of teaching and enhances the intellectual vitality of higher education and quality of teacher and student life. This collection of original essays presents autobiographical vignettes of important professors of our time. These ...

Teaching Thinking Skills Theory & Practice

Teaching Thinking Skills: Theory & Practice

1st Edition

By Carol Rhoder, Joyce N. French
April 27, 2016

Bringing together theory and research on models of thinking, this work explores thinking skills, strategies, content, and results in depth, providing a framework for their application in the classroom. The authors highlight curriculum development, instructional procedures and assessment, ...

Children's Literature Developing Good Readers

Children's Literature: Developing Good Readers

1st Edition

Edited By Hannah Nuba, Michael Searson, Deborah Lovitky Sheiman
February 29, 2016

This chronological guide to the developmental stages, and corresponding literary needs and preferences, of early childhood is hte unique result of combinging the expertise of educational professionals with that of a children's librarian. Each chapter describes a developmental stage of childhood and...

Project Head Start Models and Strategies for the Twenty-First Century

Project Head Start: Models and Strategies for the Twenty-First Century

1st Edition

By Ura Jean Oyemade Bailey, Valora Washington
December 01, 1994

Following in the footsteps of Project Head Start: Past, Present and Future Trends in the Context of Family Needs (Garland, 1987) this new work addresses current and future needs of young children and their families. A bibliography and index are included....

African American Scenebook

African American Scenebook

1st Edition

Edited By Kathryn Ervin, Ethel P. Walker
September 01, 1999

Kathryn Ervin and Ethel Pitts Walker have compiled a delicately balanced and impeccably coherent anthology of some of the best scenes from the past sixty years of African American theatre. Each scene subtly articulates African American culture in a Western frame and explores universal themes ...

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