23rd Edition

South America, Central America and the Caribbean 2015

Edited By Europa Publications Copyright 2014
    1148 Pages
    by Routledge

    Published annually, this 23rd edition brings together a unique combination of the latest data on, and detailed analysis of, a vast region. Scrupulously updated by Europa’s experienced editors, the volume also includes contributions from regional specialists.

    New for 2015:

    - new essays detailing Latin America’s burgeoning relationship with the People’s Republic of China and examining the geopolitics of energy in the Caribbean
    - analysis of all recent elections in the region, including the re-election of Juan Manuel Santos in Colombia and the changes of government in the Central American countries of Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama
    - completely revised articles on political change in Latin America, violence and insecurity in Mexico, reassessing the war on drugs in Latin America and natural hazards in the Caribbean

    General Survey

    Essays written by acknowledged experts on the area provide an impartial overview of the region.

    Country surveys

    Individual chapters on each country, comprising:

    - essays on the geography, recent history and economy of each country
    - a statistical survey
    - a full directory section
    - a select bibliography.

    Regional Information

    A directory of research institutes and bibliographies of books and journals covering Latin America and the Caribbean.

    Part 1: General Survey  Democracy and Diversity in Latin America Francisco Panizza.  Drugs Policy Reform in Latin America Thomas Grisaffi.  China’s Growing Influence in Latin America Hans Steinmuller.  The Future of Caribbean Energy: The Rise of New Energy Exporters Keron Niles.  The Caribbean Overseas Territories and the Limits of Autonomy Peter Clegg.  Violence and Insecurity in Mexico Gareth A. Jones and Peter Watt.  Natural Hazards in the Caribbean Mark Wilson.  Part 2: Country Surveys  Sections on geography, history and economy, as well as statistical surveys, directories and bibliographies for each country.  Part 3: Regional Information  Regional Organizations.  Major Commodities of Latin America.  Research Institutes.  Select Bibliography (Books).  Select Bibliography (Periodicals).  Index of Regional Organizations. 


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