1st Edition

South America and Peace Operations Coming of Age

Edited By Kai Michael Kenkel Copyright 2013

    This volume is the first English-language work to focus specifically on South America in the context of peace operations.

    The region of South America has been undergoing significant changes recently with regard to its attitudes towards participation in peace operations. Leaving behind a strong reluctance with regard to intervention, the states have recently taken on a much stronger presence among UN peacekeepers. The foremost showcase of this more robust and responsible stance has been MINUSTAH, the current UN mission in Haiti. South American contributors provide over half the operation’s troops, and the Force Commander is provided by Brazil.

    This book is intended as an introduction for researchers to the nexus of issues surrounding South America’s increasing influence as a contributor to peace operations. The authors provide the reader with a historically and theoretically grounded understanding of what motivates defence policy and decisions on intervention in the region. Featuring contributions from prominent thinkers in the field and a broad range of case studies, this volume successfully combines practical applicability with diversity of analysis.

    This book will be of much interest to students of peacekeeping, South American politics, peace and conflict studies, security studies and International Relations in general.

    Introduction: Diversity Within a Common Culture: South America and Peace Operations, KAI MICHAEL KENKEL  1. Assumptions on Intervention and Security in South America, MONICA HERZ  2. Democratization and Commitment to Peace: South America’s Motivations to Contribute to Peace Operations, ARTURO C. SOTOMAYOR VELÁZQUEZ  3. Regional Defense Integration and Peacekeeping Cooperation in the Southern Cone, DANILO MARCONDES DE SOUZA NETO  4. Out of South America to the Globe: Brazil’s Growing Stake in Peace Operations, KAI MICHAEL KENKEL  5. Punching Above its Weight: Uruguay and UN Peace Operations, JULIÁN GONZÁLEZ GUYER  6. From Fear to Humanitarianism: Changing Patterns in Argentina’s Involvement in Peace Operations, RUT DIAMINT  7. Learning to be Likeminded: Chile’s Involvement in Global Security and Peace Operations Since the End of the Cold War, ANDREAS E. FELDMANN AND JUAN ESTEBAN MONTES  8. Swimming Against the Tide: Venezuela and Peace Operations, JULIA D. BUXTON  Conclusions: Securing South America’s Peace Operations Acquis Post-MINUSTAH, KAI MICHAEL KENKEL


    Kai Michael Kenkel is a tenured Assistant Professor at the Institute of International Relations (IRI) of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Brazil.