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    Exhaustively researched and updated, South Asia 2015 is an in-depth library of information on the countries and territories of this vast world region.

    New for 2015:

    - a new essay examining gender-based inequalities in South Asian development, and a new article on the economy of Nepal

    - a section dedicated to Telangana, India’s newest state

    - detailed coverage of political developments following highly significant elections in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Maldives and Nepal.

    General Survey

    Essays by specialists examine issues of regional importance, including:

    - the USA's 'AfPak' strategy, population and environmental issues, security issues, the politics of water and political Islam.

    Country Surveys

    Individual chapters on each country, containing:

    - essays on the geography, recent history and economy of each nation

    - up-to-date statistical surveys of economic and social indicators

    - a comprehensive directory providing contact details and other useful information for the most significant political and commercial institutions.

    In addition, there are separate sections covering each of the states and territories of India.

    Regional Information

    - detailed coverage of international organizations and their recent activities in South Asia

    - information on research institutes engaged in the study of the region

    - a survey of the major commodities of South Asia

    - bibliographies of relevant books and periodicals.

    Additional features

    - a Calendar of Political Events charts key developments in 2013-14

    - biographical profiles of almost 300 prominent individuals in the region.

    Part 1: General Survey  The AfPak Challenge: Examining the US Afghanistan-Pakistan Strategy Rudra Chaudhuri.  Security Issues in South Asia Rajat Ganguly.  China’s Growing Reach in South Asia Harsh V. Pant.   Political Islam in South Asia Iftikhar H. Malik.  The Politics of Water in South Asia Daanish Mustafa, Amiera Sawas, Ayesha Siddiqi and Milan A. Karner.  Population and Environmental Issues in South Asia Gouranga Lal Dasvarma.  Women in South Asia: Progress in Gender Development and the Challenge of Persisting Inequality Preet Rustagi.  The Religions of South Asia Geoffrey ParrinderPart 2: Country Surveys  Includes sections on geography, history and economy, as well as statistical surveys, directories and bibliographies.  Part 3: Who's Who of South Asia  Part 4: Regional Information  Regional Organizations.  Major Commodities of South Asia.  Calendars and Weights and Measures.  Research Institutes Studying South Asia.  Select Bibliography - Books.  Select Bibliography - Periodicals.  Index of Regional Organizations. 


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