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South Asia in Context

About the Series

South Asia in Context is a multidisciplinary series which offers a platform for groundbreaking research in new and established frontiers in South Asian Studies from scholars across the world. It informs on and spotlights the diverse culture, history, society, emerging economy, religion, and geography as well as politics of the various South Asian countries.

Bringing together contributions from across the humanities and the social sciences, the Series aims to provide a critical and in-depth analysis of the many histories, current affairs, and possible futures as well as challenges faced by the region. The books in the series are grounded in extensive theoretical and empirical research, covering both micro and macro themes of global and local relevance. They contribute to the expanding oeuvre of contemporary South Asian Studies and bring into focus hitherto unexplored areas of research.

Books in the series are published simultaneously in UK/ US and South Asia editions, as well as in e-book format.

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South Asian Instability The India-Pakistan Missile Accident

South Asian Instability: The India-Pakistan Missile Accident

1st Edition


By Chaitanya Ravi
November 01, 2024

This book examines key concerns in South Asian security through a fine-grained history of the accidental firing of a missile and its aftermath between two nuclear-armed states—India and Pakistan—with tense relations in March 2022. It consolidates the official statements, media discourse and debates...

Family Planning Communication in India The Actors and the Acts

Family Planning Communication in India: The Actors and the Acts

1st Edition

By Shashwati Goswami
September 08, 2023

This book is the first systematic study on the historiography of the family planning communication process in India. It traces the history of the development of a highly technical health communication process. It discusses how the discourse on India’s population problem was at the heart of the ...

African Clusters in India

African Clusters in India

1st Edition

By Koyal Verma
March 23, 2023

African Clusters in India examines the discrimination and stereotypes faced by African migrants in India. It outlines the narratives of the migrants and demonstrates how their ‘African identity’ gets associated with drugs, prostitution, and cannibalism. The book brings to the fore how African ...

Indigenous Question, Land Appropriation, and Development Understanding the Conflict in Jharkhand, India

Indigenous Question, Land Appropriation, and Development: Understanding the Conflict in Jharkhand, India

1st Edition

By Gautam Pingali
December 27, 2022

This book provides a first-hand account of land conflict and power relations in one of the most resource-rich states in India — Jharkhand. Through the eyes of the state, corporate, and indigenous actors, it reveals how conflict over land in Jharkhand is firmly embedded in the ideological ...

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