1st Edition

Southern European Parliaments in Democracy

Edited By Cristina Leston-Bandeira Copyright 2005

    Southern European Parliaments in Democracy analyses the development of the parliaments of Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey since the mid-1980s. This book considers the challenges of the transition to democracy and outlines how the Parliaments of Southern Europe have adapted to the pressures of a democratic polity. Its focus is an assessment of the main changes that have taken place since the periods of transition to democracy right up to the present day. Chapters are country specific and consider a variety of indicators, from legislation and scrutiny to the social background of MPs. 

    This book was previously published as a special issue of the Journal of Legislative Studies.

    1. Introduction 2. The Hellenic Parliament: The new rules of the game 3. The Italian Parliament: In search of a new role? 4. Much Ado about Something?: Parliamentary politics in Italy amid the rhetoric of majority rule and an uncertain party system 5. Internalising the Lessons of Stable Democracy: The Portuguese parliament 6. Spanish Parliament in a Triangular Relationship, 1982-2000 7. Parliament and Citizenship in Spain: Twenty-five years of a mismatch? 8. Volatility in Politics, Stability in Parliament: An impossible dream? The Turkish Grand National Assembly during the last two decades 9. Conclusion


    Lecturer in Legislative Studies at the University of Hull.