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Soviet Civil Law

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ISBN 9780873324298
Published July 31, 1987 by Routledge
560 Pages

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Book Description

This volume is an unabridged translation of the textbook ‘Soviet Civil Law’, originally published in 1983 under the auspices of the USSR Ministry of Justice. Edited by Professor O.N. Sadikov, the work includes contributions from nine Soviet legal scholars

Table of Contents

Table of Citations, Introduction, PART I. CIVIL LAW, General Provisions, Chapter 1. Concepts, Principles, and System of Soviet Civil Law, Chapter 2. Sources of Soviet Civil Law, Chapter 3. Civil Legal Relationships, Chapter 4. Citizens as Subjects of Civil Law, Chapter 5. Juridical Persons, Chapter 6. The Soviet State as Subject of Civil Law, Chapter 7. Transactions, Chapter 8. Representation and Power of Attorney, Chapter 9. Limitation of Actions, The Law of Property, Chapter 10. Rights of Ownership. General Concepts, Chapter 11. The Right of State Socialist Ownership, Chapter 12. The Right of Collective-Farm/Cooperative Socialist Property. The Right of Ownership of Trade Unions and Other Social Organizations, Chapter 13. The Right of Personal Ownership, Chapter 14. The Right of Common Ownership, Chapter 15. Protection of the Right of Ownership, The Law of Obligations, Chapter 16. The Concept of Obligation. Grounds for the Origin of an Obligation, Chapter 17. Contracts. General Principles, Chapter 18. Performance of Obligations, 19. Securing Performance of Obligations, Chapter 20. Liability for Breach of Obligations, Chapter 21. Discharge of Obligations, Chapter 22. Contract of Purchase and Sale. Contract of Barter. Contract of Gift, I. Contract of Purchase and Sale, II. Contract for the Sale of a House with the Condition that the Seller Is Maintained for Life, III. Contract of Barter, IV. Contract of Gift, Chapter 23. Contract of Supply, Chapter 24. The Procurement Contract for Agricultural Products, Chapter 25. Contract of Propert y Hire. Contract of the Gratuitous Use of Property, Chapter 26. Contract for Lease of Living Accommodations, Chapter 27. Use of Accommodations of a Construction Cooperative, Chapter 28. Work Contract, Chapter 29. Work Contract for Capital Construction, Chapter 30. Contract of Carriage, Chapter 31. State Insurance, Chapter 32. Contract of Loan. Accounting and Credit Relationships, I. Contract of Loan, II. Accounting Relationships, III. Credit Legal Relationships, IV. Deposits in Savings Banks, Chapter 33. Contract of Agency. Contract of Commission Agency, I. Contract of Agency, II. Contract of Commission Agency, Chapter 34. Contract of Deposit for Safe Custody, Chapter 35. Obligations Arising as the Result of Causing Harm, Chapter 36. Obligations Arising as a Result of Saving Socialist, Chapter 37. Obligations Resulting from the Unjust Acquisition or Retention of Property, Copyright and the Law of Inventions, Chapter 38. Copyright Law, Chapter 39. Law of Discoveries, Chapter 40. Law of Inventions, The Law of Succession, Chapter 41. Law of Succession, PART II. FAMILY LAW, Chapter 42. General Problems of Family Law, I. The Concept of Family Law, II. Sources of Soviet Family Law, III. Period of Limitations, Chapter 43. Marriage, I. The Concept and Form of Marriage, II. Conditions for Entering into Marriage and the Procedure for Concluding Marriage, III. The Annulment of a Marriage IV. Personal and Property Rights and Obligations of Spouses, V. Termination of Marriage, Chapter 44. Parents and Children, I. Grounds for the Development of Parental Rights and Obligations, II. Personal Rights and Obligations of Parents and Children, III. Deprivations of Parental Rights, Chapter 45. Maintenance Obligations, I. The Concept and Content of Maintenance Obligations, II. Reciprocal Maintenance Obligations of Parents and Children, III. Maintenance Obligations of Other Family Members, IV. The Procedure for Collecting and Paying Maintenance, Chapter 46. Securing the Interests of Children Who Have Lost the Support of Their Parents, I. Forms of Security, II. Adoption, III. Guardianship, Wardship, Foster Care, Chapter 47. Acts of Civil Status, Russian-English Glossary, English-Russian Glossary, Index

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O. N. Sadikov, William B. Simons