1st Edition

Soviet Management and Labor Relations

By Bruno Grancelli Copyright 1988

    Soviet Management and Labor Relations (1988) examines the official model of Soviet labor relations and the operational reality. It outlines the main characteristics of labor relations during Russia’s three major historical industrialisation drives, and the attitude toward work, entrepreneurs and the state bureaucracy displayed by workers with peasant origins and culture. It then deals with the main aspects of the official model of labor relations and legislation; Soviet management practices and labor relations, industrial relations, strategic behaviour and collective actions.

    Part 1. Outlines of Labor History in Russia  1. Serf Labor and Early Industrialisation  2. Wage Labor and Guided Capitalism  3. Socialist Labor and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat  Part 2. The Official Model  4. Legislating Labor Relations  5. Social Planning  Part 3. The Operational Reality  6. Red Executives Today  7. Workplace Industrial Relations  8. Improving Material Conditions: the Individual’s Choices  9. Collective Tensions and Conflicts  10. Conclusions


    Bruno Grancelli