1st Edition

Soy Protein And National Food Policy

    360 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Over the last twenty-five years, a healthy international business has developed in isolated soy protein food ingredients. Today, isolated soy proteins are used primarily as ingredients in processed meat products. They are also used as valuable sources of protein in medical nutritional products and in combination with dairy products around the world

    Foreword -- Policy Implications -- Meat Supply and Demand in Developing Countries: Past Trends and Projections to 2000 -- The Introduction of Isolated Soy Protein Food Ingredients in Sweden: Prospective Impacts on Trade, Food Policy, and Agricultural Resource Use -- Grain and Meat in China: Trends in Consumption, Production, and Imports with Special Reference to Isolated Soy Protein Meat Ingredients -- The Potential Role of Isolated Soy Protein Food Ingredients in Mexico -- Quantifying the Profitability of New Technology -- The Relative Merits of Various Protein Food Ingredients -- The Importance of Traditional Quality for Foods Containing Vegetable Protein Ingredients


    F. H. Schwarz is senior vice president of the Agribusiness Corporation of America in Washington, D.C.