548 Pages
    by Routledge

    548 Pages
    by Routledge

    Francis Lyall and Paul B. Larsen have been involved in teaching and researching space law for over 50 years. This new edition of their well-received text gathers together their knowledge and experience in readable form, and covers developments in all space applications, including space tourism, telecommunications, the ITU and finance. With an extensive citation of the literature, the discussion provides an excellent source for both students and practitioners.

    Chapter 1. Introduction: Actors, History and Fora

     Chapter 2. Sources of Space Law

    Chapter 3.  The Outer Space Treaty, 1967

    Chapter 4. Space Objects: Control, Registration, Return and Liability: The Treaties and the Practice

    Chapter 5. Astronauts

    Chapter 6. The Air/Space Boundary Question

    Chapter 7.  The Moon and Other Celestial Bodies

    Chapter 8. Radio and the International Telecommunication Union

    Chapter 9. Orbits, Direct Broadcasting and Solar Power

    Chapter 10. Environmental Regulation

    Chapter 11.  Telecommunication Organisations

    Chapter 12. Global Navigation Satellite Systems

    Chapter 13. Remote Sensing

    Chapter 14.  Space Activities and International Trade Law

    Chapter 15.  Commercial Activities and the Implementation of Space Law

    Chapter 16. The Military Use of Outer Space

    Chapter 17. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

    Chapter 18. The Future.


    Francis Lyall, Emeritus Professor of Public Law at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland

    Paul B. Larsen, former Professor of Space Law (Adjunct), Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC, USA

    This publication, in its second edition, covers all important legal issues in space law in the era of space commercialization and privatization. This book has a most comprehensive treatment of an increasingly important subject. It is exceptionally valuable to scholars and practitioners alike in the field of space law.

    Professor Yun ZHAO, Head, Department of Law, the University of Hong Kong

    Lyall and Larsen on Space Law should be on the bookshelf of every Space Law practitioner or student. I have used the earlier edition in my Space Law classes for years. This extremely well-researched and annotated revised edition takes into account major new developments, such as the 2015 US law authorizing outer space resource extraction.

    Steven A. Mirmina, Professor of Space Law (Adjunct), Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC USA

    The authors deliver a vibrant analysis demonstrating how much Outer Space is today permeated with sound principles of law, customary practices and pragmatic regulatory solutions. A laudable comprehensive approach, providing a wise balance of propositions and a landmark work to spread the understanding of space laws in the current times of questioning and evolution of space activities.

    Marco Ferrazzani, ESA Legal Counsel

    This is a real masterpiece…. It is an all encompassing, nicely written and well researched treatise that anybody who has ever had to bring to paper something in space law can only have admiration for. If one looks through the pages and sees the immense work that is reflected in the magnificent number of footnotes one may have a slight idea of the amount of work which the authors required or needed to deliver for the second edition…As is well known Frank Lyall and Paul Larsen are masters of international space law. It is their great experience that is reflected in this work.

    Professor Dr Stephan Hobe German Journal of Air and Space