1st Edition

Space Strategy in the 21st Century Theory and Policy

Edited By Eligar Sadeh Copyright 2013

    This book offers an overview of space strategy in the 21st century.

    The purpose of space strategy is to coordinate, integrate, and prioritize space activities across security, commercial, and civil sectors. Without strategy, space activities continue to provide value, but it becomes difficult to identify and execute long-term programs and projects and to optimize the use of space for security, economic, civil, and environmental ends. Strategy is essential for all these ends since dependence on, and use of, space is accelerating globally and space is integrated in the fabric of activities across all sectors and uses.

    This volume identifies a number of areas of concern pertinent to the development of national space strategy, including: intellectual foundations; political challenges; international cooperation and space governance; space assurance and political, organizational, and management aspects specific to security space strategy. The contributing authors expand their focus beyond that of the United States, and explore and analyse the international developments and implications of national space strategies of Russia, China, Europe, Japan, India, Israel, and Brazil.

    This book will be of much interest to students of space power and politics, strategic studies, foreign policy and International Relations in general.

    Introduction: Towards Space Strategy, Eligar Sadeh  1. Space and Strategy: From Theory to Policy, James Clay Moltz  2. Political Challenges of Space Strategy, Robie I. Samanta Roy  3. International Cooperation and Space Governance Strategy, Nancy Gallagher  4. Strategy for Space Assurance, James D. Rendleman  5. Strategy and the Security Space Enterprise, David Christopher Arnold and Peter L. Hays  6. Space Strategy and Strategic Management, Kurt A. Heppard and Steven G. Green  7. Space Economics and Commerce in a Strategic Context, Andrew J. Aldrin  8. Space Launch Capabilities and Strategic Considerations, Jeff Foust  9. Earth Observations and Space Strategy, Molly K. Macauley  10. Policy and Strategic Considerations of the Russian Space Program, Victor Zaborskiy  11. China’s Space Strategy and Policy Evolution, Roger Handberg  12. European Experiences with Space Policies and Strategies, Christophe Venet and Kai-Uwe Schrogl  13. Japan’s Space Strategy: Diplomatic and Security Challenges, Hirotaka Watanabe  14. Space Policy and Strategy of India, G. S. Sachdeva  15. Israel’s Space Strategy, Deganit Paikowsky, Ram Levi, and Isaac Ben Israel  16. Planning and Strategic Orientations of the Brazilian Space Program, Otavio Durão


    Eligar Sadeh is President of Astroconsulting International and a Research Professor with the Center for Space Studies at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.