2nd Edition

Space Warfare Strategy, Principles and Policy

By John J. Klein Copyright 2025
    312 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    312 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book examines military space strategy within the context of the land and naval strategies of the past. This second edition has been updated and revised, with several new chapters included.

    The book examines competition and conflict in the space domain, including the methods used and sound counterstrategies to thwart a competitor’s efforts. Contrary to many spacepower pundits, the book explains that the space domain is neither inherently offense-dominant, nor is there a first-mover advantage when incorporating a sound space strategy. Offering new insights into the nature of strategic competition in space, this 2nd edition leans heavily on the British maritime experience and the work of Julian Corbett to provide a strategic framework for understanding competition, crisis, and conflict in the space domain. It also includes important concepts from leading theorists and strategists, both past and present, to amplify concepts and provide additional insights into the functioning of space strategy. The book provides a foundational framework by underscoring that space strategy is shaped by the fundamental nature of all warfare, along with the universal principles of strategy and the essential unity of all strategic experience. Warfare is warfare, no matter the domain of operations, and consequently, policymakers and military leaders can look to historical experience and knowledge of past strategic frameworks to help gain insights into the functioning of space warfare.

    This book will appeal to students of spacepower, defence and strategic studies, and International Relations.

    Part I: Introduction and Strategic Framework    


    Chapter 1: Where We are and Where We’re Going  


    Chapter 2: Contemporary Space Frameworks and Useful Analogies    


    Chapter 3: Maritime Strategic Principles    


    Part II: Corbett in Orbit: Strategic Principles of Space Warfare    


    Chapter 4: Space is Tied to National Power  


    Chapter 5: Celestial Lines of Communication  


    Chapter 6: Space is Interdependent with Other Domains  


    Chapter 7: Command of Space


    Chapter 8: Purpose of Offensive and Defensive Space Strategies   


    Chapter 9: Astropolitics and Strategic Positions    


    Chapter 10: Blocking Celestial Lines of Communication  


    Chapter 11: Limited Space Warfare, Asymmetric Advantage, and Coercion  


    Chapter 12: Dispersal and Concentration


    Chapter 13: Guardian Angels and Celestial Demons    


    Chapter 14: Strategy for Middle and Emerging Space Powers  


    Part III: Comparisons and Recommendations  


    Chapter 15: Comparisons to Space Doctrine  


    Chapter 16: Future of Space Policy and Strategy


    John J. Klein is Senior Fellow and Space Strategist at Falcon Research, USA and serves as an adjunct professor at the George Washington University's Space Policy Institute. His previous publications include Understanding Space Strategy: The Art of War in Space (2019).

    “This new edition of Prof. Klein’s Space Warfare provides timeless insights linking historical strategic thinking about land, sea, and air domains with the unique conditions of space. This work should be in the library of every serious student of military space policy, doctrine, and strategy.”

    Scott Pace, Director, Space Policy Institute, George Washington University


    Space Warfare is an important read for students, scholars, and practitioners alike. Through his thoughtful examination of maritime strategy, John Klein provides a useful framing for how to think about the strategic concepts of space warfare, while also drawing upon contemporary trends in space commerce, technological advancements, and operational examples.”

    Kari A. Bingen, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security

    “Dr. John Klein’s updated Space Warfare is a valuable contribution to the development of space power strategy. It should be read by defense professionals confronting the intensifying astropolitical competition among world powers.”

    Marc Berkowitz, former Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Space Policy, United States


    “John Klein’s Space Warfare remains the definitive statement on space conflict. This fully updated second edition applies Klein’s timeless concepts to the problems facing modern space professionals, resulting in one of the finest discourses on space strategy in print. Highly recommended!”

    Brent D. Ziarnick, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University


    “John Klein’s fully updated second edition of Space Warfare offers a wealth of thought-provoking analysis for students and policymakers. As space activity becomes more critical to international security, Klein’s book provides a valuable framework for thinking about the future.”

    James Clay Moltz, author of The Politics of Space Security, Crowded Orbits, and Asia’s Space Race


    “John Klein’s updated masterpiece is a sign of the times—from its original publication, Space Warfare has grown into a cornerstone for space professionals, including several difficult topics. I would highly recommend this to any aspiring space strategist or someone looking to deepen their understanding of modern space warfare.”

    Joshua Carlson, author of Spacepower Ascendant