1st Edition

Space and Life
An Introduction to Space Biology and Medicine

ISBN 9780367454371
Published November 26, 2019 by CRC Press
190 Pages

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Book Description

Since our first manned space flights we have learned much about how the human body adapts to the space environment and in particular, to the absence of gravity. Today, space research provides a better understanding of our physiological response mechanisms to microgravity.

Space and Life: An Introduction to Space Biology and Medicine describes the results of space research in the context of core concepts in human physiology to depict the effects of both long-term and short-term absence of gravity on the human body. The book explains the scientific basis for the physiological reactions so common to astronauts who experience zero gravity, such as bone calcium loss, puffy faces, and nausea. It includes discussions of cosmic rays, cells, plants, embryonic development, and the origins of life on Earth from a space research standpoint.

Updating the current knowledge about how the human body adapts to the space environment and the absence of gravity, this book is ideal for space research scientists, physiologists, NASA employees, and students involved in space study.

Table of Contents

Manned and Unmanned Missions. Manned Space Flights. An Extreme Environment. Gravity and Weightlessness. Physiological and Biological Effects of Weightlessness in Humans and Animals: The Cardiovascular Sysytem. The Skeletal System and Weightlessness. The Muscular System. The Vestibular Apparatus and Balance System. The Other Effects of Gravity and Weightlessness. Space Cell Biology. The Effects of Gravity and Weightlessness on Plants. Developmental Biology. Cosmic Radiation. Extraterrestrial Life.

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