1st Edition

Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Remote Sensing Techniques and Applications

    432 Pages 273 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book provides basic and advanced concepts of synthetic aperture radar (SAR), PolSAR, InSAR, PolInSAR, and all necessary information about various applications and analysis of data of multiple sensors. It includes information on SAR remote sensing, data processing, and separate applications of SAR technology, compiled in one place. It will help readers to use active microwave imaging sensor-based information in geospatial technology and applications.

    This book:

    • Covers basic and advanced concepts of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) remote sensing
    • Introduces spaceborne SAR sensors
    • Discusses applications of SAR remote sensing in earth observation
    • Explores utilization of SAR data for solid earth, ecosystem, and cryosphere, including imaging of extra-terrestrial bodies
    • Includes PolSAR and PolInSAR for aboveground forest biomass retrieval, as well as InSAR and PolSAR for snow parameters retrieval

    This book is aimed at researchers and graduate students in remote sensing, photogrammetry, geoscience, image processing, agriculture, environment, forestry, and image processing.

    Chapter 1: Synthetic Aperture Radar Remote Sensing

    Dr. Shashi Kumar and Ms. Aanchal Sharma

    Chapter 2: Speckle Reduction in SAR Images

    Dr. Hossein Aghababaei and Prof. Dr. ir. Alfred Stein

    Chapter 3: Polarimetric Interferometric Decomposition

    Mr. Shahid Shuja Shafai, Dr. Shashi Kumar and Dr. Hossein Aghababaei

    Chapter 4: Implementation of Machine Learning Classification Models on Multifrequency Band SAR Dataset

    Dr. Anil Kumar, Mr. Rajat Garg and Dr. Shashi Kumar

    Chapter 5: Implementation of Neural Network Based Classification Models on Multifrequency Band SAR Dataset

    Dr. Anil Kumar, Mr. Rajat Garg and Dr. Shashi Kumar

    Chapter 6: Improved Data Fusion based Land use/Land cover Classification using PolSAR and optical remotely sensed satellite data- A Machine Learning approach

    Dr. Akshar Tripathi, Dr. Shashi Kumar and Dr. Sandeep Maithani

    Chapter 7: Polarimetric SAR Descriptors for Rice Monitoring

    Dr. Subhadip Dey, Dr. Lucio Mascolo, Dr. Avik Bhattacharya and Dr. Juan M. Lopez-Sanchez

    Chapter 8: Synergistic fusion of spaceborne polarimetric SAR and hyperspectral data for land cover classification

    Mr. Vinay Kumar, Mr. Shenbaga Rajan Venkatachalaperumal and Dr. C. Persello

    Chapter 9: Marine Oil Slick Detection Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Remote Sensing Techniques

    Ms. Vaishali Chaudhary and Dr. Shashi Kumar

    Chapter 10: Spaceborne C-band PolSAR backscatter and PolInSAR Coherence-based Modelling for Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation

    Ms. Ritwika Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Shashi Kumar, Dr. Hossein Aghababaei and Mr. Anurag Kulshrestha

    Chapter 11: Analysis of Polarimetric Techniques for characterization of Glacial Feature

    Shashwati Singh, Shashi Kumar, Praveen k. Thakur and Varun N. Mshra

    Chapter 12: Spaceborne SAR Application to Study Ice Flow Variation of Potsdam Glacier and Polar Record Glacier, East Antarctica

    Kiledar Singh Tomar, Ashutosh Venkatesh Prasad and Sangita Kumari

    Chapter 13: Multi-Temporal SAR Interferometry: Theory, Processing and Applications

    Devara Meghanadh and Ramji Dwivedi

    Chapter 14: SAR for Cultural Heritage Monitoring

    Vignesh Kandasamy and Shashi Kumar

    Chapter 15: Extraction and Evaluation of Lineaments from DEMs Generated from Different Bands of Microwave Data and Optical Data:A Case Study for Jahazpur area, Bhilwara, India

    Pralay Bhoumi, Himanshu Govil, Shashi Kumar and Sankaran Rajendran

    Chapter 16: Scatterer based deformation monitoring induced due to coal mining by DInSAR techniques

    Mr. Vinay Kumar, Ms. Nyamaa Tserendulam and Dr. Rajat Subhra Chatterjee

    Chapter 17: An insight to the lunar surface: Characterization from the L and S-band polarimetric data

    Mr. Awinash Singh, Dr. Shashi Kumar and Dr. Ling Chang

    Chapter 18: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Data Calibration and Validation

    Mrs. P.V. Jayasri, Mrs. K. Niharika, Mrs. H.S.V. Usha Sundari Ryali, Mrs. E.V.S. Sita Kumari


    Shashi Kumar, Shefali Agrawal