1st Edition

Spain and the Mediterranean Since 1898

Edited By Raanan Rein Copyright 2000

    This study focuses on Spain's shift of emphasis from Latin America to the Mediterranean basin after the loss of its last colonies in the New World in 1898. The contributors analyse the Mediterranean policies of Spain's different regimes.

    Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 Spain on the Threshold of a New Century: Society and Politics before and after the Disaster of 1898, Octavio Ruiz; Chapter 3 Between Europe and the Mediterranean: Spanish-Italian Relations, 1898–1922, Fernando Garcí Sanz; Chapter 4 Spanish Colonialism during Primo de Rivera's Dictatorship, Susana Sueiro Seoane; Chapter 5 The Mediterranean in the Foreign Policy of the Second Spanish Republic, Nuria Tabanera García; Chapter 6 Spanish Morocco and the Second Republic: Consistency in Colonial Policy?, Shannon E. Fleming; Chapter 7 Fascist Italy and Spain, 1922–45, Stanley G. Payne; Chapter 8 Fascism and Empire: Fascist Italy against Republican Spain, Ismael Saz; Chapter 9 The International Policy of the Second Republic during the Spanish Civil War, Ricardo Miralles; Chapter 10 The Spanish Civil War and the Mediterranean, Michael Alpert; Chapter 11 Franco's Bid for Empire: Spain, Germany, and the Western Mediterranean in World War II, Norman J.W. Goda; Chapter 12 In Pursuit of Votes and Economic Treaties: Francoist Spain and the Arab World, 1945–56, Raanan Rein; Chapter 13 Spain's Input in Shaping the EU's Mediterranean Policies, 1986–96, Alfred Tovias; Chapter 14 Spanish Foreign and Security Policy in the Mediterranean, Antonio Marquina;


    Raanan Rein