1st Edition

Spatial Multimedia and Virtual Reality

Edited By Antonio S. Camara, Jonathan Raper Copyright 1999

    The intersection of two disciplines and technologies which have become mature academic research topics in the 1990s was destined to be a dynamic area for collaboration and publication. However, until now no significant book-length treatment of the meeting of GIS and Virtual Reality has been available. This volume puts that situation to rights by bringing these together to cement some common understanding and principles in a potentially highly promising area for technological collaboration and cross-fertilisation. The result is a volume which ranges in subject matter from studies of a Virtual GIS Room to Spatial Agents, and from an Environmental Multimedia System to Computer-Assisted 3D Geographic Education. All the contributors are well-known international scientists, principally from the computational side of GIS. It will be a valuable resource for any GIS researcher or professional looking to understand the leading edge of this fertile field.

    I. SPATIAL MULTIMEDIA Multimedia GIS: concepts, cognitive aspects and applications in an urban environment 2 Magic Tour: integrating multimedia and spatial data in an authoring system for tourism 3 Future directions for hypermedia in urban planning 4 Augmenting transportation-related environmental review activities using distributed multimedia 5 Digital video applied to air pollution emission monitoring and modelling 6 CoastMAP: aerial photograph based mosaics in coastal zone management 7 The EXPO'98 CD-ROM: a multimedia system for environmental Exploration 8 Evoking the visualization experience in computer-assisted geographic education 9 Spatial simulation by sketching 10 Defming spatial agents II. VIRTUAL REALITY 11 Virtual reality, the new 3-D interface for geographical information systems 12 A real-time, level-of-detail editable representation for phototextured terrains with cartographic coherence 13 A virtual GIS room: interfacing spatial information in virtual environments


    Antonio S. Camara (Edited by) , Jonathan Raper (City University, London, UK) (Edited by)