1st Edition

Speaking Out Storytelling and Creative Drama for Children

By Jack Zipes Copyright 2004
    324 Pages
    by Routledge

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    In his successful Creative Storytelling, Jack Zipes showed how storytelling is a rich and powerful tool for self-expression and for building children's imaginations. In Speaking Out, this master storyteller goes further, speaking out against rote learning and testing and for the positive force within storytelling and creative drama during the K-12 years.

    For the past four years, Jack Zipes has worked with the Neighborhood Bridges Program of the Children's Theatre Company of Minneapolis, taking his storytelling techniques into inner-city schools. Speaking Out is in part a record of the transformations storytelling can work on the minds and lives of young people. But it is also a vivid and exhilarating demonstration of a different kind of education - one built from deep inside each child.

    Speaking Out is a book for storytellers, educators, parents, and anyone who cares about helping kids find within themselves the keys to imagination.

    Table of Contents Prologue Preface Acknowledgments The Necessity of Storytelling in Education 1. The Utopian Tendency of Storytelling: Turning the World Upside Down 2. The Wisdom and Folly of Storytelling 3. How Storytellers Can Help Change Education in Changing Times: Stealing from the Rich to Build Community Bridges Neighborhood Bridges 4. The Neighborhood Bridges Project 5. A Typical Bridges Session with Untypical Games and Learning Spreading Tales, Opening Minds - Sample Sessions 6. Fairy Tales, Animal Fables, Trickster Stories, and Peace Tales 7. Legends, Myths, Superhero Stories, Tall Tales, Family Stories, and Utopian Tales 8. Creative Drama and the Crossing Bridges Festival The Importance of Children's Theater 9. Children's Theater in the Age of Globalization Endnotes Bibliography


    Jack Zipes has published and translated over a dozen volumes on and about stories, fairy tales, and storytelling. Cofounder of the Neighborhood Bridges Project, he is one of the most widely respected scholars of fairy tales and a passionate advocate for storytelling in education. He is Professor of German at the University of Minnesota.

    "Jack Zipes is one of our essential writers on storytelling past, present, and future. His work marks a happy and lasting marriage of prodigious scholarship and social commitment
    ." -- Joseph Sobol, author of The Storytellers' Journey
    "A concise and very useful aid to storytelling." -- Publishers Weekly
    "This is certainly thought provoking." -- Booklist
    "This is a remarkable book, the best of the many books about storytelling that I have read." -- Journal of Educational Thought