1st Edition

Special Computer Architectures for Pattern Processing

By King-Sun Fu Copyright 1982

    It has been recognized for a long time that a conventional sequential processor is inefficient for operations on pictorial data where relatively simple operations need to be performed on a large number of data elements (pixels). Though many parallel processing architectures for picture processing have been proposed in the past, very few have actually been implemented due to the costs involved. With LSI technology, it is becoming possible to realize parallel architectures at a modest cost. In the following the authors review some of the proposed architectures for pattern recognition and image processing.

    1. Computer Architecture-an Introduction 2. Introduction to Pattern Processing 3. CLIP4 4. Pattern Processing on STARAN 5. The ILLIAC IV Architecture and its Suitability for Image Processing 6. From PIACAP 1 to PICAP 2 7. A Reconfigurable Architecture for Arrays of Micro Programable Processors 8. Design of a Local Parallel Pattern Processor for Image Processing 10. A Multimicroprocessor ARES for Associative Search on Semantic Data Bases 10. A Shared-Resource Multiple Microprocessor System for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing 11. A Parallel Processor Specialised in Three-Dimensional Display and Real Time Synthesis of New Tomograms Based on Serial Tomograms


    King-Sun Fu