1st Edition

Special Event Production: The Process

By Doug Matthews Copyright 2008
    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    This must-have guide to special event production looks deep the behind-the-scene of an event, and dissects what it is that creates success. It analyses the process - the planning and business aspects to provide a unique guide to producing events. It explains thoroughly, budgeting and resource concerns, planning and cost projections and the role of the well-crafted proposal.

    Incorporating pedagogical features, this easy-to-read book is packed with photographs, diagrams, flow charts, checklists, sample forms, and real-life examples. It steps through the whole process from the creativity and proposal at the outset, to budgeting, the contract and risk management with event follow up to conclude.

    This text is Part one of a two book set - also available is Special Events Production: the resources (isbn 987 07506 85238).'

    Chapter 1: An Introduction to Special Events and Special Event Production
    1.1 Reasons for Special Events
    1.2 Categories of Special Events
    1.3 The Players
    1.4 The Phases of Event Organization
    1.5 The Responsibility Areas of Event Organization
    Chapter 2: Creativity
    2.1 What is Creativity?
    2.2 The Cognitive Process
    2.3 The External Environment
    2.4 Creativity Techniques and Methods
    Chapter 3: Budgeting
    3.1 Preparing the Production Budget
    3.2 Managing Cash Flow
    3.3 Making a Profit
    3.4 Budget Layouts
    3.5 Other Financial Considerations
    Chapter 4: Proposals
    4.1 What Wins Business
    4.2 Preparing a Winning Proposal
    4.3 Delivering a Winning Proposal
    4.4 Ethical Considerations
    Chapter 5: The Production Team
    5.1 Assembling and Organizing the Team
    5.2 Working with the Team: Concept and Proposal Phase
    5.3 Working with the Team: Coordination Phase
    5.4 Working with the Team: Execution Phase
    5.5 Health and Safety Issues
    Chapter 6: Contract Management
    6.1 Definition of a Contract
    6.2 What Should be Included in a Contract?
    6.3 Issuing and Signing Contracts
    6.4 Breaking a Contract
    6.5 Resolving Disputes
    Chapter 7: Risk Management
    7.1 Theory versus Reality
    7.2 Compliance
    7.3 Insurance
    Chapter 8: Production Management
    8.1 During the Event Coordination Phase
    8.2 During the Event Execution Phase
    Chapter 9: Event Follow-up
    9.1 Following up with the Production Team
    9.2 Following up with the Venue
    9.3 Following up with the Client


    Doug Matthews

    "Special Event Production: The Process is an excellent book describing the complicated process of event production. It's a must have for anyone who wants to learn about this industry. Many people think it's easy to produce events. This book will teach them how complex it is and how much a producer needs to know. This book covers all the key aspects and presents them clearly, in order of timeline of a production, and even has appendixes with contracts, time sheets, budgets and other examples. I'm a producer myself and teach Event Design to graduate students. They love this book and one of their most often repeated comments is: "I never know producing an event was so involved." This book helps them understand and navigate the many steps for the production itself, as well as the broad knowledge of the many factors a producer has to have." - Corinna Sager, Lifestyle International Productions LLC

    "Matthew's two books, "Special Event Production," are a must-have for anyone in the field, whether a newcomer or an old hand. The author has organized this complicated subject well. Lavishly illustrated, laid-out with side-bars, diagrams, and examples, the reader will find everything they need in the two volumes. In fact, I found the books welcoming and accessible with plenty of white space, and the detailed table of contents and good index make looking up a topic easy. These two volumes should become the gold standard in special event production. Highly readable and highly recommended." - Julie Ferguson, Professional Speaker and Event Organizer