Special Topics on Materials Science and Technology - The Italian Panorama: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Special Topics on Materials Science and Technology - The Italian Panorama

1st Edition

Edited by Alberto D'Amore

CRC Press

420 pages

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This volume collects selected papers presented and discussed during the 9th National Conference organized by the Italian Association of Materials Engineering, AIMAT from 2008 at Piano di Sorrento (Napoli, Italy). It gives a valuable representation of highlights of the research and development activities running in 21 Italian universities and research centers in the field of materials science and engineering. All the reported research topics are focused on a methodological approach that takes into account scientific issues and engineering aspects related to real applications.

Table of Contents

Mesoporous Hybrid Titania and Silica Films Prepared Via Post-Synthesis Grafting of a Luminescent Zinc Complex

Daniela Aiello, Luca Malfatti, Tongjit Kidchob, Rosario Aiello, Flaviano Testa, Iolinda Aiello, Mauro Ghedini, Massimo La Deda, Tonino Martino, Maria Casula, Plinio Innocenzi

Behaviour of Different Silica-Based Mesoporous as Matrixes for Drug Controlled Release

Rosario Aiello, Ida Stefania Carino, Francesca Iemma, Luigi Pasqua, Francesco Puoci, Flaviano Testa

Consolidation of Archaeological Woods of Herculaneum by Synthetic Polymers

Eugenio Amendola, Rosalba Miranda, Mario De Angioletti, Giuseppe Zolfo, Domenico Acierno

Load Bearing Capacity and Failure Modes Analysis ofPVD/HVOF Duplex Coatings

Fabio Carassiti, Marco Sebastiani, Fabio Carassiti

Fluidized Soil-Cement Mixes for Backfilling

Luca Bertolini, Maddalena Carsana

Degradation of Mortars and Steel Inserts from the Ciborium of the Medieval Abbey of San Pietro al Monte

Luca Bertolini, Maddalena Carsana, Eleonora Marra

Experimental Data for the Application of Performance-Based Methods for the Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures Subjected to Carbonation

Luca Bertolini, Federica Lollini, Elena Redaelli

Pure and Substituted Hydroxyapatite Nanopowders by Precipitation

Alessandra Bianco, Ilaria Cacciotti, Mariangela Lombardi, Laura Montanaro, Marco Sebastiani, Edoardo Bemporad

Role of Localized Attacks in NN-SCC on Gas Pipelines

Marina Cabrini, Sergio Lorenzi, Paolo Marcassoli, Tommaso Pastore

Experimental Study on Triboelectric Charging and Separation for Plastic Polymers Recovery from WEEE

Federico Cangialosi, Gianluca Intini, Lorenzo Liberti, Michele Notarnicola, Francesco Di Canio

Immobilization of Heavy Metals in Contaminated Sediments by Mechanochemical Treatment

Federico Cangialosi, Gianluca Intini, Lorenzo Liberti, Michele Notarnicola, Tiziano Pastore

Effect of a Heat Treatment on the Bioactivity of Titania-Hydroxyapatite Functionally Graded Coatings

Valeria Cannillo, Luca Lusvarghi, Antonella Sola

Hydration, Swelling, Erosion and Drug Release from HPMC and HPMC/TP Matrices

Serafina Chirico, Gaetano Lamberti, Giuseppe Titomanlio, Anna Angela Barba, Matteo D’amore

Thermoset/Thermoplastic Blends

Gianluca Cicala, Antonino Mamo, Giuseppe Recca, Carmelo Luca Restuccia

Optimization of MSWI Fly Ashes Cementitious Stabilization/Solidification Process by Means of Pre-Treatment Steps

Raffaele Cioffi, Francesco Colangelo, Luciano Santoro

Manufacture of Novel Building Materials by Recycling of a MSWI Bottom Ash

Raffaele Cioffi, Francesco Colangelo, Luciano Santoro

Mechanical Properties of Pre-Loaded Concretes

Valeria Corinaldesi, Giacomo Moriconi

Preparation and Characterization of (Sr,Mg)-Substituted LaGaO3 Via Co-Precipitation in Aqueous Medium

Cinzia Cristiani, Giovanni Dotelli, Paola Gallo Stampino, Saverio Latorrata, Luca Zampori

Antibacterial Activity of Nano-Structured TiO2 Surfaces

Luigi De Nardo, Ilaria Alfieri, Andrea Lorenzi, Enrica Saino, Livia Visai, Alberto Cigada, Angelo Montenero

Formulation of Agricultural Films by Using Recycled Polymers

Nadka Tzankova Dintcheva, Francesco Paolo La Mantia

Tensile Creep Behaviour of LLDPE-Fumed Silica Nanocomposites

Andrea Dorigato, Alessandro Pegoretti, Amabile Penati

Sol Gel Functionalized Textiles for Easy Care and Increased Comfort

Elisa Emilitri, Francesca Gambardella, Juliana Moncaleano, Marinella Levi, Stefano Turri

Silane Pre-treatments for Galvanised Steel

Michele Fedel, Flavio Deflorian, Stefano Rossi, Marjorie Olivier, Mireille Poelman, Marie-Eve Druart

Adsorption and Diffusion of Carbon Dioxide in Polyethylenimine-Modified SBA-15 Silicas

Nicola Gargiulo, Paolo Aprea, Domenico caputo, Mladen ei_Qinglin Huang, Carmine Colella

Concrete for Public Housing in Trieste During in the Beginning of the 20th Century

Flavia Genel, Raffaella Geometrante

Properties of Glassy Polymers at Nanoscale

Flavia Genel, Raffaella Geometrante

Direct Cell Fate by Controlling Signal Distribution

Daniela Guarnieri, Paolo A. Netti

On the Use of Polyolefins Based Nanocomposites for Film Blowing Applications

Francesco paolo la Mantia, Luigi Botta, Roberto Scaffaro, Nadia Tzankova Dintcheva

Numerical Simulation of a Stretch Bending Process

Giuseppe lamanna, Francesco caputo, Alberto. D’amore, Luigi. Grassia, Vincenzo. Ascion

Synthesis of Nickel Composites with Micro/Nano-Structured Carbon-Based Materials by Electrodeposition

Luca Magagnin, Paula Cojocaru, Pietro Luigi Cavallotti

A time-varying chloride penetration model for fuzzy lifetime prediction of RC structure

Giuseppe Marano, Giuseppe Quaranta, Sara Sgobba, Simona Sasso, Michele Notarnicola, Lorenzo Liberti

Selection of Suitable Materials and Manufacturing of a Recyclable and Eco-Friendly Children’s Footwear

Alida Mazzoli, Giacomo Moriconi, Marco Giuseppe Pauria

Variation on the Properties of Silver Nanoparticles Nanocomposites Based on SIS and SBS Block Copolymer

Laura Peponi, Agnieszka Tercjak, Luigi Torre, Iñaki Mondragon, Josè M. Kenny

Glass from Recycling Operations as Thermal Insulating Material and Sorbent in Wastewater Treatments

Andrea Petrella, Mario Petrella, Giancarlo Boghetich, Domenico Petruzzelli, Domenico Calabrese, Luigi Pace, Pietro Elio Abbaticchio, Pietro Stefanizzi, Michelangelo Guastamacchia

Optical Properties of (CdSe)ZnS/Thermoplastic Polymer Nanocomposites

Andrea Petrellab, Michela Tamborraa, Marinella Striccoli, Maria Lucia Curri, Lucia Curri, Mario Petrella, Giancarlo Boghetich, Domenico Petruzzelli, 0. Agostiano

Fractal Models for Porous Materials Permeability

Giorgio Pia, Ulrico Sanna

Hybrid-Nanocomposite Materials

Filomena Piscitelli, Giuseppina Barra, Leno Mascia, Giuseppe Mensitieri, Marino Lavorgna

Damage Assessment of Concrete by Ionic Flux Measure from Cement Paste Matrix

Maria Letizia Ruello, Francesca Tittarelli, Domenico Capuani, Alessandra Aprile, Gabriele Fava

High Performance Self-Compacting Mortar with Multifunctional Filler

Franco Sandrolini, Stefania Manzi

Thermal Stabilisation of Earth-Based Archaeological Materials

Ulrico Sanna, Nannina Spanu

Influence of the Nanolime Suspension Concentration on the Effectiveness of Stone Conservative Treatments

Giuliana Taglieri, Valeria Daniele, Raimondo Quaresima, Roberto Volpe

High Performance Self-Compacting Mortar with Multifunctional Filler

Franco Sandrolini, Stefania Manzi

Characterization of Wasted Wash-Stone for a Possible Re-Use in Construction Materials

Francesca Tittarelli, Maria Letizia Ruello, Giacomo Moriconi

Diffusion Models of Molecular Inks onto Au and SiOx Surfaces by Dip-Pen Nanolithography

Luca Torlaj, Marco Viganó, Marinella Levi, Stefano Turri

Humidity Sensors Based on Nanocrystalline Iron Oxides

Jean-Marc Tulliani, Valentina Naglieri, Chiara Baroni

Abrasion Resistance and Nanoscratch Behaviour in Nanocomposite Epoxy Coatings Prepared from Mechanical Ultradispersion and Sol-Gel Methods

Stefano Turri, Luca Torlaj, Francesca Piccinini, Marinella Levi

The Actuality of the Ancient Metallurgy

Paolo Veronesi, Daniela Belviso, Giorgio Poli, Luigi Sidoli

Nitrobenzene and Orthochlorophenol Adsorption onto an Organophilic Clay Exchanged with Dimethyl-Ditallowil-Ammonium

Luca Zampori, Paola Gallo Stampino, Giovanni Dotelli

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