1st Edition

Specialists and Generalists A Comparative Study of the Professional Civil Servant at Home and Abroad

Edited By F. F. Ridley Copyright 1968

    Originally published in 1968, this book provides surveys of the Australian, French, German, Swedish and American systems of public administration. Previously unpublished material on the professional classes in Britain was made available which filled a gap in the (then) available textbooks on British government. A concluding chapter deals with the wider aspects of the generalist versus specialist problem, an original contribution to administrative theory. The book will be of interest to students of politics and government and the student of comparative administration, as well as to those concerned with civil service reform

    Introduction F. F. Ridley 1. Great Britain T. H. Profitt 2. Australia B. B. Schaffer 3. France F. F Ridley 4. Western Germany Nevil Johnson 5. Sweden H. Parris 6. United States R. H. Pear 7. An Agenda Item F. F. Ridley


    F. F. Ridley.